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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 1085

Chapter 1085

Raven placed the sleeping Lydia next to North, 

then lay down next to North. 

He raised his hand to tease Lydia’s small face, then lowered his eyes to look at North who was sleeping in his arms, wrapped his arms around her waist, and closed his eyes. 

Julia smiled when she saw the family of three sleeping crowded together in a small room. She reached out to turn off the lights in the room, leaving only a little dim light. 

The next morning. 

North felt something moving in her hand, she slowly opened her eyes. 

Looking down, she saw that Lydia had regained consciousness. Lydia opened her eyes, her eyes were as big and bright as two black grapes, her two small hands stuck out from the goose yellow blanket and waved wildly in the air. 

North immediately smiled cunningly, rolled up Lydia’s sleeves, revealing her small, soft hand “Hello Lydia, are you awake?” North took Lydia’s small hand, brought it to her mouth and kisse it. It smells so good, the smell of a newborn baby’s skin. 

Lydia didn’t understand what her mother was saying. When her big eyes saw her mother, she let out babbling sounds and kept screaming happily. 

North’s eyes were filled with a gentle light. 

At this moment, her waist tightened, and the man behind woke up. 

Only then did North notice the man sleeping soundly behind her. His large palm still rested or her flat stomach in a protective stance, pitying her for the suffering she had endured. 

The hospital bed wasn’t big, the family of three pressed her into his arms. His arms were warm, his masculine embrace surrounding her. 

At this moment, her small face was kissed. 

“Are you 

awake?” The man’s voice was hoarse because he had just woken up, which sounded extremely sexy to North. 

“Yes.” North’s face turned slightly red. She calmly moved away from him. 

Raven used one hand to support his head, sitting up slightly. The morning sunlight was shining little by little. If people look closely, North is completely different from usual. Perhaps because she was a new mother, her facial features were delicate and graceful, filled with softness, making. people’s hearts soften. 

North’s hand was still holding Lydia’s small hand. Raven reached out and held both mother and child’s hand in his palm. He leaned to her earlobe and said softly: “North, you gave birth to Lydia, a beautiful little girl. I really like her.” 

North didn’t answer, but she didn’t reject him either. 

Raven’s cautious and hesitant heart finally calmed down a bit. He knew she had recovered her memory. After recovering her memory, she didn’t seem to reject his intimate actions at all. Nothing. has changed, they now have a more peaceful and happier life. 

Raven gradually believes what Olive says about whether North will be cured or not. 



into North’s lap, rubbing. 

North felt itchy and giggled.. 

The happy time between mother and daughter made Raven smile. 

At this moment, Julia’s voice was heard outside the door. She came here. 

“Julia is here, please go quickly.” North pushed him. 

Without hesitation, Raven slowly got out of bed and stood up straight. 

Julia walked in and said, “Madam, are you awake? Sir, you’ve been here all night. Go home, take a shower and change your clothes. I’ll stay here with Madam.” 

“Yeah,” he nodded, looking at North on the bed, “I’ll go home first.” 

“Okay.” She nodded. 

It was already noon when Raven returned. He stood at the door watching Julia holding Lydia and playing. In front of North was a three-course meal, one soup and one fruit. 

He walked in and said, “Give me Lydia.” 

“Okay.” Julia hugged her and gave her to Raven. She could see that the boss loved his daughter so much, “Madam just fed Lydia. She is full. Please hug her and pat her on the back.” 

Has she breastfed her baby? 

Raven hugged Lydia and glanced at North. 

North was using a spoon to drink soup. Noticing his gaze, she lowered her eyes, not paying attention to him. 

Julia withdrew, making room for their family. 

While North was eating, she looked up at the man. Lydia was hugged by him, her small, soft body lying on her father’s straight shoulders. The man’s generous palm patted Lydia’s back. It was nice when she fell asleep with her little head on his shoulder. 

He changed into a clean white shirt and black pants. When he walked in, he put the black vest on the back of the chair. 

After taking a shower, his fatigue subsided, and he looked youthful and handsome. 

North lowered her eyes and ate. Raven saw Lydia sleeping soundly and carried her into her crib. 

He put one hand in his pocket, sat down next to North, and asked in a low voice: “Does it still hurt?” 

Just now, Julia told North that Lydia cried so much last night but he didn’t want to wake her up and fed her formula. 

Julia also joked that she rarely sees a man who loves his wife more than his children. 

She lowered her eyes and shook her head: “No.” 

Raven reached out and touched her small face, smiled and asked: “What’s wrong? After giving birth to a daughter, why don’t you dare raise your head to look at me? I don’t bite.” 

His calloused fingers rubbed her delicate skin, making her face heat up. 

“No,” North hedged, pointing to a plate of kelp, “I just don’t want to eat this.” 

“Does it taste bad?” he asked. 


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