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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 10

The Substitute Bride: Doted by My billionaire Husband by Sumpto Midway
Chapter 10 Gritting his teeth on his shoulder
Olive was sent to the orphanage when she was nine. She had no more expectations for
her so called father, Patrick.
He was still the Patrick that she knew. He was obsessed with medicine and loved
money and fame the most.
Currently, Pamela was the daughter that he was most proud of. And Olive was just a
tool to him.
“Okay, dad.”
“Olive your marriage is a thing of joy to us. Your sick husband will soon pass away. And
we’ll find a better one for you gain.” Patrick’s tone was softer than before.
“Okay dad. Thank you.” Olive hung up the call and turned off her phone. She shut her
eyes and held tightly to Elvis.
She felt really sad. She was an orphan. She wished she was like a normal child, who
was loved by her parents and had a simple and peaceful life.
She curled up in his arms. His embrace was firm and warm, and could shield any
woman from the wind and storm.
Her head rested on his chest. The Rhythm from his chest made her feel very secure.
Olive thought she wouldn’t be able to sleep, but in Elvis’s arms, she slept until it was
Elvis opened his eyes slowly. His eyes were filled with questions. For years he had not
slept naturally till dawn.
Elvis blinked his eyes and tried to get Olive in his arms. He knew that she had slept in
his arms all night, for there was still scents of her fragrance and tenderness in his arms.
But Olive was already gone.
Elvis suddenly felt drowsiness’s cleared away, and he lifted the quilt and got up.
The study door was pushed open, and Henry the butler stepped in with a beaming
expression, “Young master, are you awake? I didn’t want to disturb you when young
mistress was leaving. I thought to let you sleep for a while. It’s been so many years.
young master, you even woke up naturally. Even Mr. Aiden couldn’t do it, but ma’am
Olive did it. What kind of powers does she possesses?”
Mr. Henry thought it was unbelievable. He knew his young master’s condition. He was
worried when Olive had entered into the study. But now, he could only thank her.
“Where’s Olive?” Elvis inquired.
“Young master, Ma’am Olive said that she went to deal with some things and would
come back in the evening.”
“Did she mention where she went?”
“No Sir, she didn’t.”
“It’s fine.”
Elvis returned to his bedroom and went into the bathroom to take a shower. When he
took off his white shirt, he sighted the small deep tooth mark on his shoulder in the
Elvis reminisce on how hard she had bitten at that time.
Elvis didn’t go to the company today. He was working in the study. In the evening, he
glanced at his watch. It was seven o’clock and she still hadn’t returned.
He took out his phone from his pocket and went through it. She neither called nor
message him.
Elvis felt a little unhappy and wondered where she was at. His phone rang in his hands
and disrupted his thoughts.
“Hello?” Elvis said into the phone.
“Second bro, it’s been a while since we chilled out together.” Harry Heavens voice
sounded over the other end of the phone. I heard Grandma married you a bride, are
you addicted to her already?” Harry leased.
Elvis frowned and said impatiently. “I’ll hang up if you continue talking nonsense.”
“No, no don’t bro. Come let’s chill out okay? Raven will there as well. Kiss Land bar,
we’ll be awaiting you.
Kiss Land bar.
Elvis sat on the sofa in the VIP, a cigarette was stuck between his fingers. The smoke
obscured his handsome face.
Harry Heavens poured a wine into his glass, “Bro, what’s up with you? Why did you
come out just to smoke? I think you’re upset about something.”
Harry pushed a beautiful woman besides him, “Bro, this is the top one in KissLand.
She’s clean. I reserved her for you. Krystal, could you pour my bro some wine?”
The bar had always been a place for men to pick any lady of their choices. There was
no shortage of beautiful women. The men who came here were of the first class. As
money were splashed freely.
Krystal’s pure and beautiful little face suddenly fluttered in a smile. Tonight, Elvis was
clothed in a simple back shirt and black pants. His face was charming, she was willing
to spend the night with him, even if he didn’t want to give her a cent. Krystal picked up
the glass and smiled sweetly. “Sir Augustine. Would you like me to pour you some
Elvis scented her fragrance and was disgusted by it. He gazed at her and muttered,
“Stay away from me.”
Krystal’s pretty face instantly turned red.
Without any further hesitation. Harry chased Krystal away. Once she was gone, Harry
said, “Bro, you really don’t have any interest in women.”
“Elvis. I heard that the Hart’s family’s married their daughter to you. Her name’s Olive
Hart, right?” Raven spoke as he sipped. from his glass of wine.
Hearing the name. Elvis raised his eyes and stared at Raven.
Raven was also handsome. He wore a pair of golden glasses. He sipped the red wine
in his hand and got his eyes fixated on a particular direction. “Who’s that?”
Elvis turned and quickly sighted a figure which he recognized to be Olive.
There was another man beside her, the potbellied CEO Ronald.
“Shit!” Harry tapped the table angrily and stood up “Bro, why the heck is Olive drinking
with an old man? She actually dares to cuckold you!”
Henry grabbed a bottle of wine. The heaven’s family crown prince was Los Angeles’s
biggest bully.
“Don’t worry bro. I’ll teach them not to ever mess with you!”


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