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Doted by My Billionaire Husband (Olive and Elvis) novel Chapter 1086

Chapter 1086 Puerperium~
Olive and Julia met in the hallway. They opened the door to the hospital room and walked in laughing.
Soon they were stunned, because Raven and North were….
“Sir,” Julia said immediately in surprise: “What are you doing?”
This sound made him open his eyes, quickly let go of North and stand up.
“Sir, the lady is currently in puerperium, this is no joke. No matter what you think, you can’t bully her right now.”
Olive walked over, too and grabbed North’s hand: “North, you must listen to Julia. Don’t make trouble. The body is yours, just be patient, the month will soon pass.”
North was so embarrassed, “Olive…” She called.
Raven wiped his pants pocket with one hand, his Adam’s apple rolled up, he was embarrassed, too. North had just been in puerperium but he couldn’t control himself.
Just after kissing, he was caught on the spot. He, Raven Dominos, has never done such an embarrassing thing before.
“Yes sir, this is your fault.” Julia said angrily.
So the two people, one sitting on the bed, one standing, were honestly lectured on this shameful subject by Olive and Julia for a long time.
Raven’s handsome face darkened.
Olive dropped the topic, finally concluding: “Forget it. I can’t be negligent about taking care of you. This month, you guys will sleep in separate rooms so North can focus on being alone.”
Raven brang North and Lydia back to the courtyard. Under Julia’s careful care, she recovered quickly and Lydia was also growing.
Raven accompanies mother and child every day. Holding in his arms little Lydia who is growing. up day by day, his heart is full.
North soon finished puerperium. That day, Raven drove her and Lydia to the hospital for al checkup.
After the physical examination, he took the mother and child home.
Julia had left, so there were three family members in the luxury car.
In the luxury car, Lydia kept babbling.
Raven glanced in the rearview mirror. North was sitting in the back seat holding Lydia. Lydia must be hungry, her small mouth was constantly searching for her mother’s scent.
“Is she hungry?” Raven said in a low voice.
North nodded: “Yes.”
“Then you give her some milk.”
If she could feed her, she would have done it a long time ago. Going out to breastfeed is a problem for North. For example, if he is in the car, how can she feed the baby now?
Raven looked at her small face. She had taken good care of herself these past few days, and her
small face was becoming more and more delicate.
He glanced at her clothes. She had regained her figure, her loose dress couldn’t cover her waist, which was as small as the mouth of a porcelain vase.
North sitting in the back seat was already sensitive to his gaze. She looked up and immediately saw his eyes looking straight at her smooth curves. Her bust has grown a lot due to breastfeeding.
North’s small face turned red. Previously, because she was pregnant, he didn’t dare to have unhealthy thoughts. Now that his daughter was born and her puerperium ended, he became even bolder and showed no hesitation.
“What are you looking at? Focus on driving!” North glared at him fiercely.
Raven was very calm, replying, “Don’t worry if you breastfeed your daughter, I won’t peek at you.”
She won’t believe him.
Men’s mouths are full of lies!
She insisted on not breastfeeding in the car. Lydia didn’t cry, but she felt bloated and a little sore. Finally arriving home, Raven got out of the car and hugged Lydia, and North got out of the car,
He quickly narrowed his eyes, focusing on her clothes: “You….”
North quickly covered herself with her hands: “I told you not to look, why are you still looking?” Raven’s eyes darkened, his tall and handsome body slowly approached her, then he whispered in her ear: “North, you’re wet.”
What did he say?
How could he say something so… shameless?
North raised her hand and pinched his arm hard.
Raven hissed in pain, but didn’t avoid it and pinched her, “Are you sure… you don’t want to go in and change clothes?”
North lowered her head and discovered that her shirt was all wet.
She was stunned. It turned out she had misunderstood Raven. He didn’t mean that.
North was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole in the ground, put her arms around Lydia and said, “Give me my daughter.”
Raven gave her to her, then suddenly approached her beautiful red face, “What were you thinking just now? Did you think of anything inappropriate for children?“
He reached out and pinched her cheek, “North, I noticed you’ve become bad.”
.” She turned around, hugged her daughter and ran into the room.
Raven returned to the room, too. He was thinking about what North was doing now.
He turned on his computer and began watching surveillance video. Very quickly, North’s figure appeared in sight.
In the room, she was holding
Raven feels like he should turn off the surveillance cameras and be a gentlen
he’s a bad guy.
He’s been sneaking around like this for half a year. If he could turn it off, he would have turned it off a long time ago.
At this time, North in the surveillance video suddenly screamed because Lydia had bitten her.
Raven heard her cry, his waist immediately tingled as if an electric current ran through his body. When they were together before, North was always cold, never took the initiative, let alone shouted.
Now that she had given birth, her whole body seemed to be soaked in peach essence, and even her voice was as delicate as a wind chime.
Raven’s body was injured, North was pregnant, so he never paid attention to this, but now he clearly felt that his body had changed, getting better and better, becoming normal.
Raven feels that North is truly his poison. When she cried out like that, he actually reacted. He quickly entered the bathroom and took a cold shower.
In the next room, Lydia finished eating and went to bed. North also finished showering and came out wearing a baggy dress.
She was sitting in front of the dressing table drying her hair when she suddenly saw a flashing red dot in the corner of the wall.
What is that?
North quickly walked over and discovered that the corner of the wall had been tampered with, and a tiny camera was hidden inside!
Go d , there’s a camera in her room!
Is her every move being monitored?
North is a big star and often encounters things like secret filming, so she can’t misunderstand the camera. There was really someone secretly watching her.
Who is that guy?
Does she still have to think about the answer? No. It’s definitely… Raven!
Besides him, who else could install such a thing in her room without any trouble?
Is he a per vert?


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