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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 18

The person who called Freya earlier was Fabian.

Fabian was going to ask about Freya, how she felt about Kieran, but as soon as the call went through, he heard Freya's panic voice.


"Hey, Dr. Stahler, what's going on over there?!”

Freya didn't say anything, and then the sound that came into Fabian's ear was the thump of her cell phone on the ground.

Fabian was afraid something bad might happen to Freya, and without a moment of delay, he grabbed his phone and headed back to Kieran's study.

"Fitz, something’s wrong with Dr. Stahler! I called her, I heard her scream for help, and then she stopped talking!"

Kieran's hand, which had landed on the document, paused, the power he exuded, was cold and oppressive.

"Locate her phone!"

"OK, OK, OK, I'll locate her phone!"

Fabian is very efficient, almost immediately, and he knows where Freya's phone is.

Freya's cell phone was in a mansion north of the city, and Fabian used his family's intelligence network to quickly find out what was going on in that mansion.

The mansion belonged to someone named Thompson, a coal mine owner.


When he saw what the Fabian had on Thompson, Kieran's eyes were cold enough to freeze a man to death.

Thompson, he liked to torture beautiful women, and he's got a lot of blood on his hands, but because he's got enough money to do what he wants, and he's paid his way through all of that, he's still in the game.

Now that Freya is in his hands, she's in real danger!

Kieran's gold pen snapped off so hard, he didn't even bother to put on his coat; he grabbed his car keys, and sped out of the house.

In all the years that Fabian had known him, Kieran had always seemed calm and collected to him, and this is the first time he had seen the look of anxiety on his face.

Fabian grabbed his clutch and hobbled after him. "Fitz, wait for me. I'll come with you to save Dr. Stahler!"

Mr. Thompson had suffered a great deal at Freya's hands, and when he felt the swelling and pain on his body, he became enraged.

Tonight, he must teach this ungrateful woman a lesson!

When he thought about the thing he had someone get from Thailand, Thompson's crooked, greasy face flashed a sinister smile.

That stuff was so addictive, once you got hooked, you can't stop.


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