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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 19

Mr. Fitzgerald, is Jaden and Jayla's Uncle Kieran, isn't that a bit incestuous?!

Freya knew that she should have pushed Kieran away, but she couldn't control the feeling of sinking into his arms.

She was kissed by him with the faint scent of grass; it was like being bathed in sunlight and kissed by a fresh breeze, which was refreshing.

Kieran was also surprised by his own actions, he is most proud of his self-control, but when he was in front of Freya, time after time again, he was like being hypnotized, he simply cannot control himself.

He seemed to be really sick and there's no cure.

Kieran's Adam's apple rolled violently as he released Freya's lips, his voice, magnetic and husky, "Sorry I'm late."

Her lips were suddenly empty; Freya had a feeling of disappointment.

Freya laughed in her mind, how can she feel disappointed?

A man like Mr. Fitzgerald, how could he like her!

Mr. Fitzgerald does not even understand jealousy, he kissed her just to express his apologies for coming late, after all, some people didn't think like normal people, when French meet, they would kiss each other's cheeks!

A kiss really does not mean anything!


This name, in the Arkpool City, symbolizes the desirable, something to look up to, and out of reach, she will not make herself a fool.

Silence, making it a little awkward, Freya cleared her throat, she just wanted to say something to ease this inexplicable awkwardness, Kieran's voice came into her ears, "I'll take you to the hospital."

"No, no!" Freya hurriedly shook her head, "Mr. Fitzgerald, most of the blood on me was Thompson's, I didn't sustain too many injuries, I will just go back and apply some ointment."

Kieran frowned, he did not feel good about not going to the hospital to have her checked out but seeing Freya insisted, he did not mention going to the hospital again.

Thinking of something, Freya then said, "Mr. Fitzgerald, please drive me to the Swedayle Garden, I'm afraid that I will scare Jaden and Jayla if I go to Sethy's house in this condition."

"Oh, also, can I borrow your phone for a while? I need to call Jaden and Jayla; otherwise, they would be worried."

Kieran did not say anything, he put the phone into Freya's hand directly, Freya was just about to call Jaden, several alert messages popped up on Kieran's phone, all sent by "Lookin4Dad".

Lookin4Dad ...

Isn't this Jaden's Whatsapp nickname? How did he addMr. Fitzgerald's Whatsapp?

"Mr. Fitzgerald, do you want to reply to the messages first?”She asked subconsciously as she saw Freya Kieran staring at his phone.

"OK." Kieran rarely read Whatsapp messages, but the messages were from Jaden, he didn't want to see a face that looked very much like his own to be filled with disappointment.

"Lookin4Dad": "Uncle Kieran, are you with Mommy?"


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