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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 2

Five years later.

Arkpool City Airport.

Freya walked towards the exit while holding Jaden Stahler's and Jayla Stahler's hands.

Looking at the busy traffic outside, Freya was in a trance. It had been five years. She came back.

Five years ago, after she received twenty thousand dollars, she married an unknown man. Her marriage was quite ridiculous. So far, she still hadn’t known what her husband looked like and who he was.

She only knew her husband’s surname was Fitzgerald because Mrs. Elliott always called him Mr. Fitzgerald respectfully.

Freya had never seen her wedding photo. She was alone shooting the photo for their marriage certificate back then. Their wedding photo was edited because this Mr. Fitzgerald didn’t like taking group photos.

She returned this time as her teacher recommended her to work in Arkpool City. Another important reason was that Mr. Fitzgerald asked her to come back to sign the divorce agreement.


Freya believed they should have ended this ridiculous marriage quite long ago.

In fact, she truly appreciated Mr. Fitzgerald. The twenty million dollars from him were just what she needed back then. In the past five years, he didn’t restrain her from doing anything at all. She went abroad to study and gave birth there, and he didn’t mind at all. She seemed to have free lunch.

She decided to thank Mr. Fitzgerald seriously when divorcing him.

This was their first time for her to be in this city. Jayla’s big watery eyes were full of amazement. She winked at Jaden. “Jaden, I have a hunch. We’ll soon meet our daddy.”

“Ehn. I have had the targets already.” Jaden was expressionless. His cool but noble face was pretty delicate.

“For real?” Seeing Jaden nodding, Jayla had admiration written over her adorable face. “Jaden, you are awesome! You are my great bro!”

Jayla trotted to Jaden and whispered, “May I take a look at Daddy’s photo, Jaden?”


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