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Twins and Ex-wife novel Chapter 3

However, Alisha failed. Jaden grabbed her wrist tightly. “How dare you touch my mommy!”

Alisha turned around and saw Jaden’s face. Seeing his face that looked precisely like Kieran, Alisha almost screamed.

That was Freya’s son.

Five years ago, after Alisha had the miscarriage operation, she received the gigolo she had hired to set Freya up. He said when he arrived, there was another man in Freya’s room.

Alisha was confused. Hence, despite the wound, she went to the hotel secretly. When she saw the ring on the bed, she picked it up. Much to her surprise, several men rushed in and asked if she had saved Kieran Fitzgerald.

Alisha was pretty clever, so she guessed that it was Kieran who slept with Freya. She nodded to admit without hesitation and took Freya’s credit.

To thank her for saving his life, Kieran treated her well. He fully supported her, from an infamous online celebrity to a famous award-winning actress.

Remy was an excellent man, but compared to Kieran, he was nothing. Alisha dumped Remy without hesitation and tried her best to hit on Kieran.

However, she had never expected Freya to come back. Evidently, this boy should be Kieran’s son.

She would never let Freya and the little bastard take away what she had owned now.

“Freya Stahler, let go of my mother. If anything happened to my mother, I’d never let go of you,” Alisa glared at Freya in hatred and said, stressing each syllable.

Jayla, standing aside, couldn’t stand it at all. She rolled her eyes at Alisha and said helplessly, “You should appreciate it. My mother is rescuing her. If she doesn’t help, your mother will die.”

Alisha’s face turned livid when Jayla called her like that. Pointing at Jayla, she cursed, “How dare you talk to me like that!”


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