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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 12


This time it was Joyce's turn to be surprised.

She didn't like the idea of being a third party in a fake marriage.

Luther, still indifferent as ever, snorted lightly, "You don’t mean, the marriage contract with the Heath family?"

Jacqueline nodded repeatedly, "That's right, that year our family and Cecelia Hurley really agreed that the eldest son and daughter will be married later."

"But the daughter of the Heath family has been missing since she was a child, and the Heath family is known all over the world for not being able to find her," Shelly interrupted.

"The Heath family is really going to find their daughter this time. They have already got some clues they say." Jacqueline said to Luther cautiously, "Luther, although our Warner family can be rich. After all, it was only business we deal with. The Heath family from the capital have firmly controlled the military power for a hundred years. You should understand the importance of this marriage. Marriage is not to be taken lightly?"

"Wow, a daughter of the Heath family, even nobler than a real noble." Shelly looked really envious this time. The Heath family was only second to the royal family when it came to power. It was no exaggeration to say the daughter of the Heath family was almost a princess.

Luther was just about to speak.

Joyce snaps, "I'm sorry, I didn't know Luther has a marriage contract. If you want me to do anything about it, just say it."

Marriage between these two families, so they could have both wealth and power each. Were they planning to conquer the world? How could she just stand in their way?

Luther plucked out a livid look at Joyce.

When she heard Joyce's words, Shelly finally saw the opportunity to do something. She immediately stepped forward and took Luther's arm affectionately, "Brother, you should hurry up and divorce Joyce. Professor Owens' project was invested by our family. No wonder she could get in, it was because of you, right? Brother, you have to help me get her out of this program."

"Ahem, you don’t mean Professor Owens' automotive design program? I got in that program myself."

Joyce couldn't resist interrupting and correcting her.

This fake marriage and how she got into the program were two different things.

"Stop it, who do you want me to blame for your not being good enough to get in?" Anyway, Luther still loved his sister.

And that was why Shelly was always a bit arrogant.

However, Luther knew that Professor Owens was an old-fashioned scholar who was so dedicated to academics and would not do such a thing for money. Moreover, this vehicle design project led by Professor Owens was very important to R&S Group. For the company, it was nothing less than a key to the whole global market.

He didn't realize Joyce could be part of the project.

There were just more and more interesting sides he could find from this Joyce.


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