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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 13

"Grandma." Luther was shocked and rushed forward to the old lady.

However, Joyce rammed him away almost simultaneously, "Don't you move her!"

Then, she immediately began to massage Stephanie's heart, "Call the doctor, what medicine do you usually use? Hurry up and use it."

The house was instantly in a mess.

The family doctor arrived soon after.

Joyce kept on doing heart massage and dared not even to stop. Beads of sweat were rolling down her cheeks. When she saw the doctor coming, she hurriedly stepped aside, "Grandma had a heart attack, and I felt something was wrong when I saw her face turn purple before."

Jamie McKnight, the family doctor of the Warner family, quickly gave Stephanie a shot and fed her another dose of medication.

At last, Stephanie began to get better.

"How is my grandmother now?" Luther asked sharply.

Jamie stood up and said in a gruff voice, "Nothing serious. You should thank this lady for her heart massage and the medication was administered in time. I gave her some sedatives, and you should let her sleep for a while, and not stimulate her again."

Mr. Arnold went to see Doctor McKnight off, while Shelly and Jacqueline helped Stephanie back to her room.

Immediately following Luther's unceremonious eviction, the women all drove back to their downtown mansion with worried faces.

In the large living room, only Joyce and Luther were left there.

Luther looked at Joyce, who looked so tired and was wiping sweat from her forehead.

He could not help but want to know more about this woman.

She had been so good at first aid. Just watching her massage her heart, he could not help but think about the night he was rescued - there seemed to be such a hand, giving his chest massage constantly.

Was it an illusion? Why would he just get a familiar feeling when looking at her at this time?

"Have you ever given anyone else a heart massage like that?" Luther suddenly asked.

Joyce wiped the sweat from her forehead, "Yeah."

She suddenly remembered the night when she lost her virginity, and remembered how she tried to help but was violated in the end. Thinking of this she frowned.

"Is it a man?"

"Men, women, seniors, kids all around! I've participated in first aid volunteer training." Joyce returned without a smile, "It was organized by the school, and many of my classmates had participated."

Luther was instantly disappointed.

Hell, what the hell was he expecting? Why would he try to find a connection between her and the person who had saved his life that night?

Obviously, the girl who saved him was Charlotte.


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