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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 2072

Chapter 2072: The Smoothest Operation

"Ha, don't worry. Whether it's a marriage alliance or deploying troops, I don't need a woman to help me," Clint said, setting down his teacup with a smile. "But you better give up any thoughts of leaving." Clint rubbed his fingers together.

Joyce felt her stomach knot up. She looked up and asked, "What do you want? I'm already here."

"Nothing, just a reminder," Clint said as he stepped closer to Joyce. "You're already mine."

"You're insane," Joyce snapped, standing up and pulling Darrin along as she headed outside. They walked until they reached a secluded spot in the garden.

Joyce stopped and fumed, "What is Clint trying to do? If he wants to marry Chiyuki, fine. If he agrees to the marriage today, Hirota might declare war immediately, which would be bad for Reuben."

"Yes, both sides are at a stalemate for now, giving Prince Reuben some breathing room," Darrin nodded.

"Darrin, what do you think his real intention is? He can't seriously be using me to force my parents to deploy troops. I've asked him many times, but he never states his terms. It's impossible that he actually likes me; who would believe that?"

Darrin remained silent. From a man's perspective, he believed Clint was serious about Joyce and willing to go to any lengths. Otherwise, marrying Chiyuki would be the best choice right now. Clint had no reason to refuse.

"Darrin, I have a plan. We steal the Dawnblade and give it to Reuben. This way, Reuben and Hajime can rally other families to take down Clint. Reuben ascends the throne, bringing peace. Otherwise, a madman like Clint-ruthless and paranoid-becoming emperor would be disastrous." Joyce was indignant. "I was blind to save him back then; it was all a trap."

"Have you seen the Dawnblade?" Darrin asked.

"Yes, I saw Clint take out the sword in the side hall. He never does anything without a motive," Joyce paused. "I checked earlier; there are no safes in the main or side halls. There might be a hidden compartment in the side hall. We'll look for it when we get the chance."

"Even if we find it, how do we leave? The place is heavily guarded," Darrin said instinctively looking around.

"I slipped out once during a guard shift change in the backyard when the emperor died and security was chaotic. It might be harder now," Joyce took a deep breath. "If necessary, I'll distract them while you escape. As long as someone gets the Dawnblade out, it will have the same effect."

"Someone's coming; stop talking," Darrin warned Joyce and shielded her behind him.

Sure enough, it was Watanabe passing by not far from them. His gaze was sharp as a knife as it swept over Joyce.

Darrin whispered, "This man wants to kill you; be careful."

Chapter 2072: The Smoothest Operation 1


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