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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 2073

Chapter 2073: She Wants to End Her Life

In the Imperial Household Agency, at the underground contact point, Joyce and Darrin returned just as the eastern sky began to lighten. The night had not yet fully receded when Joyce entered the basement. The streets outside were chaotic, filled with armed guards. Only essential stores remained open during the day, and a curfew was in effect at night. They had taken great pains, sneaking and hiding along the way. Finally reaching this place, they felt safe.

Before Joyce could enter, Luther emerged from inside and pulled her into his arms. He asked no questions. Having to let her go, even for a day, felt like an eternity. Her sudden return could mean she had obtained the seven-day antidote or something else, but it didn't matter as long as she was in his arms.

"We got the Dawnblade!" Joyce patted Luther's back lightly. "You're squeezing me too hard."

Luther quickly loosened his grip. "Are you hurt anywhere?"

Joyce shook her head. "Don't worry. Clint wasn't at the residence; he hasn't noticed anything yet."

Luther was more concerned about Joyce's well-being and whether she had obtained the seven-day antidote. "But..."

With the Dawnblade taken, Clint would eventually find out, and Joyce would suffer again.

"Let's talk inside." Joyce pushed Luther in, and Darrin followed.

Darrin took out the Dawnblade in front of them. "We were lucky; someone else tried to steal this sword. We intercepted them."

"Yes, they also knocked out the guards, allowing us to escape smoothly." Joyce examined it closely. "This is indeed the sword I saw that day. Let's call Hajime to confirm. If everything checks out, with both the Dawnblade and the Imperial Seal, Reuben can command other families to surround Clint and the Yoshikawa family from outside the Eastern Capital."

"Even so, a civil war is inevitable." Luther wasn't as optimistic as Joyce. The two sides were evenly matched; once a civil war started, who knew when it would end? And what about the curse on her? That worried him more.

"I'll notify Hajime now." Darrin turned and used a special line to contact the Imperial Household Agency.

About an hour later, Hajime arrived hurriedly. His face lit up upon seeing the Dawnblade. "Yes! This is it! This is the Dawnblade!"

He looked at Joyce excitedly. "You did it! You got the Dawnblade in such a short time! I'll inform His Highness immediately to prepare for ascension and command other families!"

"Yes," Joyce nodded.

Luther stood thoughtfully beside Joyce. After all they had been through, he felt things wouldn't go so smoothly. What were they missing? Something felt off.

Before Hajime could recover from his excitement, a man rushed over and whispered something in his ear.

Hajime's eyes widened. "Are you sure?"

The man nodded.

Hajime's face fell immediately.

Sensing something was wrong, Luther tightened his grip on Joyce's hand, silently waiting for news.

Hajime couldn't explain; he quickly began making calls.

Joyce and Darrin exchanged puzzled glances.

They had the sword; what could be wrong?

A few minutes later, Grizela burst in, looking disheveled and frantic.

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