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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 2076

Chapter 2076: Juanita's Premature Birth

"I'm sorry, I can't guarantee anything," Karl admitted. He never lied to her. The future was uncertain, the enemy unknown, and he was isolated. In Rohomes, he was no longer the chief inspector with access to all resources. He couldn't guarantee anything, not even his own safety.

"Tonight at midnight, the intelligence department has a special channel. It's the last chance to enter Rohomes," Karl confessed.

Juanita looked into his sincere eyes, and her heart ached so much that she couldn't breathe. "The border of Rohomes is already sealed. Are they going to war? Once you go, I won't be able to contact you, right?" she confirmed.

Karl nodded, answering all her questions. It seemed inevitable. Such a crisis had never occurred in a hundred years, but now it had.

The light in Juanita's bright eyes gradually faded. She tried to breathe but felt suffocated. The baby inside her seemed to sense her agitation and started kicking, causing sharp pains in her lower abdomen. Her heartbeat accelerated wildly, and her scalp tingled.

But all these strange sensations condensed into a smile on her lips. "I understand. Go ahead; I'll take care of myself," Juanita said, her smile trembling.

Karl could see through it but remained silent.

"If you don't want me to go..." he began but was interrupted by Juanita, "How could I not? You are the most important person to me, and they are too. I hope you all stay safe."

"But..." Karl wanted to say that he couldn't guarantee anything, not even being there for his daughter's birth. Once he left, he wouldn't be able to return anytime soon.

"It's okay; don't worry about me. Your mom is here to take care of me; she treats me like a panda. What do you have to worry about?" Juanita forced a light-hearted smile. "Go do what you need to do. I was just startled by the things you need to take with you; I'm fine."

Karl looked at Juanita; she was always so understanding. He leaned forward and hugged her. "Alright then, I'm leaving. Take care."

His embrace, his warmth, his scent were all so comforting. Juanita hooked her arms around his neck and sweetly said, "Just a hug? At least give me a goodbye kiss."

Karl chuckled softly and lifted her chin, pressing his lips gently against hers. The kiss was long and tender, filled with affection, lingering on her lips as if time had stopped around them. Only his fragrance and her softness remained.

Suddenly, Karl hesitated; if he wasn't mistaken, he tasted bitterness on her lips-she was crying.

He pulled away from her lips.

Juanita quickly turned away, her breathing erratic as she wiped away tears from the corners of her eyes and asked hoarsely, "Do you need help packing your clothes? I can help."

Karl's words stuck in his throat before he finally said, "There's no need to bring anything else."

Entering under such circumstances meant carrying only the most essential items.

"Okay then, hurry up and go; don't miss the time," Juanita said as she stood up with her back still turned to him. "I'm a bit hungry; I'll go downstairs for some milk. Just let me know when you're leaving."

She hurriedly left the room, afraid that he would see her losing control of her emotions.

In the past, she had always supported whatever he did, but this time she felt uneasy. She wanted selfishly to keep him here but felt ashamed for having such thoughts. What about Joyce? One more person meant one more strength.

Karl watched Juanita's figure disappear through the study door. He stood silently for a moment before packing up the metal case and closing it shut.

Holding it in his hand felt like carrying a thousand pounds.

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