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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 2075

Chapter 2075: Can You Come Back Alive?

Pascaylia, the Capital. Karl sat in his house on Lake Island. He stood up shortly after, pacing by the window, then sat down again. He was restless. Joyce was in trouble; he found out too late. No one informed him. If he hadn't been at the Inspection Bureau, he wouldn't have known such hidden news. Now he knew Joyce was trapped in Rohomes. The media had just announced that the Emperor of Rohomes had passed away. There was no official decree yet, and no one knew who the successor would be. But it was clear to everyone that there were problems within the royal family; otherwise, Rohomes wouldn't have sealed its borders. It was a sign of civil war.

All intelligence operations with Rohomes had almost entirely ceased overnight. He could only get very limited information now. He found out that Luther had entered Rohomes before the lockdown and was now missing as well. Although he later learned that Joyce had some connection with Prince Reuben of Rohomes, he never imagined that Joyce would get involved in the royal struggle of Rohomes. It seemed related to the fall of OGW years ago-everything was interconnected.

Suddenly, Karl stood up and walked quickly to his study. He opened the safe in a few swift moves and took out a specially made portable metal case, throwing it on the desk with a loud bang, reflecting his current agitation. This was not an ordinary metal case but a specialized communication tool with storage functions.

Karl packed two specially made handguns, a pinhole bugging device, a camera, an anti-electromagnetic pulse metal rod, a satellite tracker, a subcutaneous tracking injector, ultra-miniature bombs, and even several tiny vials from the safe containing strictly controlled substances like anesthetics, poisons, and biochemical agents. These were all contraband items that required filing a report even though he was the head of the Inspection Bureau.

But he shoved everything into the case without thinking. His mind went blank; he couldn't think at all. Mechanically and numbly packing his things, his fingers stiffened as darkness fell outside. Only the sensor light at the study door illuminated the tense atmosphere inside.

Juanita had been downstairs but came up when she heard noises from above. She sensed something was wrong when Karl returned today-he was unusually quiet and serious. She wondered if there was a new task at the Inspection Bureau since Karl had recently gone to Donovan for work and attended Joyce's wedding along the way. Although she couldn't go personally, her blessings were conveyed.

Afterward, Karl declined many tasks to spend most of his time with her as she approached her due date, making her feel especially warm and cared for.

With just over a month until her delivery, what could be bothering him now? Juanita walked to the study door; it was dark inside as he hadn't turned on the light. She could only hear rustling sounds but couldn't tell what he was doing-it seemed like packing?

Although she usually didn't interfere with his work, today felt different.

Juanita turned on the light and softly asked, "Karl, what are you doing?" The moment the overhead light came on, she froze.

Karl was packing a case-not an ordinary one but one used by agents for emergencies and survival situations. She had never seen him take it out before; it must be an urgent situation or desperate times requiring these items.

Hearing Juanita's voice and seeing the light come on instantly illuminated Karl's pale face.

He stammered, "I..."

"What happened? Where are you going?" Juanita's belly was already large; walking was difficult for her. She held her waist as she approached him. Seeing what he packed shocked her even more-all controlled items.

Karl looked at Juanita's prominent belly and put down what he was organizing to support her gently away from danger. "You're about to give birth; don't touch these things-they're dangerous."

"So what are you doing? Are you leaving?" Juanita's face turned pale as her voice trembled because she felt like he might never return once he left now.

Chapter 2075: Can You Come Back Alive? 1


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