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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 31

Luther's car managed to lose them and dodge from side to side.

"Sit back!" He barked.

Then, Luther made a beautiful sharp turn. The Maybach sped up to 280 km/h, directly into the off-ramp, leaving them behind, only unfortunately it was a highway farther away from the city. They drove further and further away.

In a short time, the car behind them caught up again.

Joyce sat up straight, clenched her seat belt, and stared, "Who did you offend?" This was a country where the rule of law prevails in Khebury, where guns were blatantly fired.

Luther opened the center console with one hand and took out a pistol, "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

She did not scream and cry in fear, bold enough to make him very surprised, but also did not have time to think about it.

As he drove, he opened the window and turned to shoot at the cars behind him.

The car was going too fast, and the wind was blowing violently into it. Luther can barely hold the steering wheel, but still wanted to shoot, which was obviously too difficult to juggle.

He had to race and try to shoot back the trailing car at the same time.

Luther was in trouble.

Then he heard Joyce's calm and collected voice, "Give me the gun."

He thought he had heard it wrong.

Joyce said it again, "Give me the gun."

Luther froze and glanced at her, completely unable to react.

No time to waste, the situation was critical and imminent. Joyce simply grabbed the pistol directly from his hand.

"You." Luther took firm control of the steering wheel, and looking at her worriedly.

He saw her skillfully opening the safety catch, "click" a bullet loaded.

She turned sideways and probed out the window.

"Bang" a gunshot.

The movement was consistent and in one go!

Luther saw in the rearview mirror that one tire of a car burst directly, emitting an ear-piercing, sharp sound, and came to a stop after a sharp 90-degree turn into a guardrail.

Then there was another "bang".

Another car with a flat tire.

One more.

A hundred shots hit the tires of the car chasing him.

The last car, positioned on Luther's side, only to see Joyce "snap" unbuckle the seat belt, the whole person lying sideways on Luther. She handsomely held the pistol in one hand, and the other hand on the handle.


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