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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 32

Suburban inn.

Dimly lit, rosemary-scented room.

"There's only one room, sorry to put you to such inconvenience tonight." Joyce done with the check-in process and walked in the door with him.

The room was not big, and the facilities were ordinary. There was only one bed, making it look like a love hotel. Faraway from the downtown, it was good enough to find a place to stay.

Luther sat on the edge of the bed with a medical kit he brought from his car. He took off his suit and unbuttoned his shirt.

Joyce asked in a low voice , "Are you injured?" She thought he got injuried because he was protecting herself while dodging bullets which grazed his arm. He was injured and still kept racing. It was not easy to do so.

Luther blushed slightly, "It's okay, I just need a break. It's too far out of town and it'll take too long to drive back again. I'll have Aaron bring someone to pick us up in the morning."

The blood had dried up and the blood-stained shirt was stuck to his arm, and when he uncovered it, it was the same as reopening the wound. He couldn't help but grit his teeth.

Joyce rummaged through the medical kit for iodine, hemostatic coagulant, anti-inflammatory powder, and gauze.

"I'll do it." She dabbed some iodine with a cotton swab and wiped his wound.

The wound was quite deep and the flesh on his arm was cut open.

He held back, with heavy sweat dripping down from his forehead.

Gunshots, injuries.

Joyce was suspicious. she was also in a shootout last time and saved a strange man. That was how she lost her virginity. But there were few major criminal cases in Khebury, almost none. Was it a coincidence that it happened to her twice?

What could be the connection between Luther and the strange man she saved last time?

"You always have a first aid kit in your car. You get chased a lot?" She asked tentatively.

She vaguely remembered that the man she saved last time had a gunshot wound on his leg, and she wanted to confirm it sometime.

Luther closed his eyes, "Are you afraid? There are too many people who want me dead." He opened his eyes, and his gaze took was with chills. "Joyce, you're such a goodmarks woman, like a pro."

He remembered that the last time Joyce played darts with Felix and Mathew, she shot all three darts together and hit double.


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