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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 5


"Master, where do you say we are heading to, should I take you straight home or what", Dargok, his most trusted and personal bodyguard said.


This is not actually the first time I'm seeing our crown prince like this, but so far this is the worst he had seen him ever since he was appointed by the king to look after him.

That was when Prince Rashid was only but eight years old, as someone had threatened his life. Thankfully, he was so happy to look after him and had sworn with his life that he will let no one harm him, but, if a situation like that should come, the intruder has to come through him, first.

Rashid broke the silence by asking him" how many escorts, came with me?"he asked. Dargok said" three group of escorts my prince, why are you asking is there any problem?".

Rashid tired back and stared at him briefly, he had this unguarded look towards him, which shows that he could trust Dargok with his life. He looked away and told him" tell them to turn back and go, I no longer need their services, I can take it up from here" he said.

Dargok immediately knew he was about going to his secret place, so he didn't ask him questions any further. He quickly brought out his phone and sent them the message that the prince told him to " the prince wants all of you to go back, as he wants to be left alone, and not to bother he isn't alone as I'll be going with him" he told them.

They obeyed, but grudgingly as they didn't want the wrath of the prince on them.



Sobs could be heard as the prince kept crying and cursing himself for being so unfortunate. He cursed himself, because of the fact that his mother doesn't love him, he asked himself over and over again why he was conceived.

He always makes sure his mother, the queen is never at home before he goes to see his father. He doesn't like the loathful look she gives him since he was young. "What have I done to deserve such hatefulness and inhumane treatment, not just from anyone but from the woman, who carried me for nine months in her womb, the same woman whom he calls his mother" he asked himself.

He's not only crying of the fact that his mum hates him, but, also his younger brother Madok. The same house he always fought for when some gang of kidnappers wanted to harm, when they sneaked out of the house to go hunting.

This man here never forgets, although he do forgive, because he believes that the hurtful memories are what he holds on to.

He turned immediately and saw his bodyguard Dargok watching him, with an unreadable expression on his face. He knows better not to disturb me when am having my moment of peace.

"Dargok" He voiced out, "I'm ready, take me home", he said. He replied him by nodding his head.




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