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His Immense Desires novel Chapter 6


I quickly turned back and screeched a "WHATTTTTTTTTTTTT", "STEFF!!!!!!!!?, WTF, how did you get in here, I mean, how did you get the key, cause I know you haven't the spare". I rasped. She just kept grinning wickedly, I was shocked to the brim.

"Chill chubs, one question at a time, are you seriously asking me how I got in here, remember am your best friend, I get my way in everything" she said.

I wasn't listening to whatever she was saying, I only wanted to know her means of getting into a house, under lock and key. I had started fearing that she might be a psychopath, but, again I thought if she was a psychopath my parents wouldn't have allowed her into the house, the day we parked in.

"Don't fear chubs, I have been here since morning, before your parents were out for work, I have been around but decided against disturbing your beauty sleep. Hope am all cleared right now?" She asked.

I just replied her by nodding my head, I wondered how many hours, I used in sleeping. I looked up, as I saw her gazing at me intensely, I shuddered and asked her the reason for the stare.

She immediately started laughing and asked me what I dreamt while sleeping, "babe what were you dreaming of while sleeping, your position this morning was hilarious, I stood beside your bedpost for nearly fifteen minutes, as you were sleeping.

Is something wrong??, You can always confide in me you know, I don't kiss and tell", she said. I wanted to ask her what she saw me doing but I decided against it and waited for her to make fun of whatever I did while sleeping, but she said nothing.

Immediately, I perceived a strong cigarette smell waft through my nose, I coughed immediately. "What's that foul odour, Steff?" I asked her.

She smiled widely, before saying" that's my morning dose, will still take the afternoon dose, wait a bit, don't tell me you're still the innocent Janelle parker". She questioned, I started laughing loudly "anyone you wanna call it bitch".

"Okay, it's enough with the question and answer session, we're going to college for your clearance and any other thing they might need from you, so rush upstairs, take your bath, brush your teeth, like i mean scrub your whole body, and dress up, I will be waiting down here, since I haven't finish taking my morning dose", she said and grinned.

"Excuse me!!!!, College you say!!!, How, when and where was I given an admission, cause I can't remember writing any exam, soooo", I drawled. She just eyed me warily and picked up the stick to hit me, I got that as a clue and ran all the way upstairs while laughing.

I hurriedly took my bath, dressed up and was about going downstairs, when I remembered what she said about me doing stuffs while sleeping, I shrugged it off and went downstairs to see her cleaning the stuff she made from her said morning dose. I arched my brow, as I eyed her warily.

"Okay am ready let's go, let me know what you have in store for me, and I just hope you ain't a joking with me, if not!?". "If not what, what are you gonna do chubs??, You're gonna chase me rounda house, come of it chubs, we both know you can do nothing", she stated sarcastically.

. "Enough with the words, let's just go", I said, I can't see myself arguing with a born and brought up Rasta girl, you will never win against them in any debate, discussion or argument.

. *****

We both left the house, and boarded a taxi and told him to take us to West Indies University. It's a thirty minutes drive from my house to the school, we both came down and paid him off.

I looked ahead of me and was awed by the beauty and size of the school, I didn't even know I left my mouth hanging open, while gawking at the school.

Not really my fault tho, but, the sight was enthralling, right now I felt so proud of having a bestfriend like Steff, I knew immediately, she's an angel sent by God himself from heaven.

We quickly went into the school and headed straight to the administrative block, where admission letters and other executive directives are taken place. I passed a group of students jeering at themselves while others watching them were just laughing.

I noticed no one even looked my way, I guess this is much more different from highschool where everyone takes notice of new students, right here even though you're new, no one gives a damn about you.


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