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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 25

Chapter 25
Roxanne stiffened immediately.
The Pearson family?
As far as she knew, there was only one Pearson family in Horington who was in the crude drug industry
Coincidentally, that was the family she had some issues with.
At that though, Roxanne creased her forehead and prayed that she would not be unfortunate enough to encounter the one she did not want to meet the most.
Soon, they arrived at their destination-a café.
The people from the crude drug supplier had yet to arrive.
Colby and Roxanne took a seat first. They then ordered two cups of coffee and waited for the other party to arrive.
Dozens of minutes later, someone knocked on the door of the private room.
Colby straightened up and said to Roxanne, “They’re here.”
Roxanne gave him a quick nod. Rising to her feet, she then said, “Please come in.”
Soon, someone pushed the door open, and a male voice traveled into their ears. “Sorry that we’re late.”
The moment Roxanne lifted her head, she locked eyes with Aubree.
Instantly, Roxanne sighed in her mind. Speak of the devil.
Unlike her, Aubree widened her eyes in shock. As she was overwhelmed by surprise, she screeched out, “You— Roxanne? Why is it you?”
Didn’t you disappear a long time ago? Why are you here now?
Colby and Charles were baffled by Aubree’s response.
Colby then asked in a curious but friendly tone, “Ms. Pearson, do you know Dr. Jarvis?”
Aubree’s eyes flitted toward Colby. “Dr. Jarvis?”
“Roxanne Jarvis is the person in charge of our research institute. When she found out that we’re signing a contract with you, she has asked to come along as a sign of our sincerity,” Colby introduced
However, Aubree’s expression only turned even darker.
All she wanted to know was when Roxanne had returned.
It’s Lucian’s first time telling me that he’s thinking of calling off the wedding this morning. Is this because of Roxanne? Has he… found out that Roxanne’s back? Have they met each other?
The more Aubree dwelled on it, the more anxious she became: As she stared at Roxanne, her expression darkened and paled.
On the other hand, Roxanne was much calmer. It was as if it was her first time seeing Aubree.
She glanced at her and frowned before straightforwardly asking, “Ms. Pearson, are you not planning to continue with our collaboration?”
Hearing her, Aubree swiftly tucked away her emotions and looked at her for a moment. As her expression turned icy, the look in her eyes changed into an amused one as well. “Of course I’m planning to continue. Dr. Galloway has been working on this contract for such a long time. I won’t let his efforts go to waste.”
With that, she summoned the waiter and ordered another four cups of coffee.
While they were waiting for the coffee, Aubree’s darkened gaze lingered on Roxanne.
Despite her unwillingness to admit it, Roxanne had changed a lot after six years.
in the past, she had a cautious demeanor, but now, all she needed to do was sit there, and anyone could feel how intimidating she was. Her looks and presence were overpowering Aubree.
On the other hand, six years had gone by, and Aubree had never changed. The man she nearly had was now getting further and further away from her.
When she realized that, Aubree’s hands under the table tightened into fists as jealousy coursed through her veins.
“I truly wish to work with your institute, but I don’t think the price we negotiated previously is a suitable one. Since Dr. Jarvis is here, I think we can discuss the price again.”
Even though Aubree had a professional smile on her face, the look in her eyes was a glacial one.
Upon hearing her, Colby parted his lips, about to speak, but Roxanne stopped him. She calmly asked, “Ms. Pearson, what you mean…”
“I hope we can have an increment of two percent of the original price,” Aubree uttered.


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