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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 26

Chapter 26
“An increment of two percent?”
Colby stiffened. “Ms. Pearson, haven’t we come to an agreement the other time? We’re now about to sign the contract, so why are you increasing the price all of a sudden;”
At his shocked response, Aubree folded her legs and replied, “Indeed, we’ve agreed on it, but almost everything in the crude drug market has risen in price this year. If we were to sign the contract with the price we previously agreed on, we’ll be suffering a loss too great. Dr. Galloway, please forgive us.”
She made it seem so rational.
Colby’s expression tensed. Just as he frowned and was about to say something else, Roxanne stopped him again.
“Ms. Pearson, you must want to suddenly raise the price because you saw me. I know the prices in the crude drug market well. We can have a negotiation if you want to increase prices, but raising it by two percent right here and now is far too unreasonable.”
Roxanne wanted to be professional, but clearly, Aubree did not. Hence, there was no need for her to endure her antics.
Aubree knitted her brows in displeasure. She then coldly asked, “Regardless of what the reason is, that is our current price. If you don’t think that’s suitable, we won’t mind letting this business deal go.”
Roxanne agreed to it. “In that case, let’s take this as time wasted. A company that doesn’t stick to its words isn’t a company we’ll be at ease working with.”
With that said, Roxanne stood up and said to Colby, “Let’s go.”
Colby nodded, and the two exited the café.
“Is there something between you and Aubree?” Colby could not help but ask when they left the place.
He could sense Aubree’s clear hostility toward Roxanne during their meeting earlier.

Not wanting to dwell on what happened back then, Roxanne simply said, “In a way.”
Noticing that she did not want to talk much about the topic, Colby did not prod her for more. Instead, he began talking about the crude drug supplier matter. “If we’re not going to work with Pearson Group, we’ll have to find another crude drug supplier.”
Roxanne bobbed her head. “Then that’s what we’re going to do. Horington is a big place. I’m sure there are other crude drug suppliers who will work with us.”
“Okay,” Colby answered with a nod.
He would rather deal with the trouble of looking for a new crude drug supplier than to see
Roxanne targeted by someone.
Meanwhile, in the café, once Roxanne was gone, a cold look crept onto Aubree’s face. She ordered Charles, “Tell all of the crude drug suppliers in Horington that, if they dare to work with VR Research Institute, they’ll be enemies of Pearson Group!”
Charles did not know what happened between his employer and the doctor carlier, but he could sense that his employer was in an exceptionally foul mood after meeting Roxanne.
A shudder wracked his body upon hearing Aubree’s tone. Without daring to delay any further, he replied, “Of course. I’ll work on it right away.”
With that said, he stood up and left.
Soon, Aubree was the only one left in the café.
When she thought about the attitude Lucian had earlier in the morning and the frightening demeanor Roxanne had a while ago, Aubree panicked.
Regardless of whether or not Lucian had rejected her because of Roxanne, it was a fact that Roxanne and Lucian were married in the past. Aubree could not be certain what Lucian thought about Roxanne.
If things continued to be delayed, she dared not imagine what else would happen.
I can’t wait any longer.
Meanwhile, at Farwell Group…
“Mr. Farwell, I’ve found out information about the man Ms. Jarvis was with last night.”
Cayden entered the room and stood in front of Lucian.


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