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The Abandoned Wife (Lucian) novel Chapter 27

Chapter 27
Lucian immediately put away his work and asked worriedly, “Who is he?” Images of Roxanne leaving with a stranger last night started flashing before his eyes.
“The man’s name is Colby, and he’s the person in charge of the VR Research Institute. Previously. Mr. Farwell went to him for medical treatment.”
Cayden instinctively picked up the sudden change of ambiance in the room, and he became extremely wary with his words. “Besides, I also found out that Colby is still single. But by the look of things, Ms. Jarvis is not in any way related to him. The other possibility is that they knew each other when they were studying medicine in the same university.”
Being made aware of the possibility, Lucian’s facial expression softened. “Besides this, did you manage to find out about anything else?”
Cayden appeared to be in a dilemma. “This is the extent of my investigation. Regarding Ms. Jarvis, we only know that she returned to the country recently. As to what she did and where she was overseas, we have not been able to find anything at the moment.”
Lucian furrowed his brows, displeased by the answer. However, knowing that it would be futile to pry further, he decided to change the topic of the conversation. “How is Old Mr. Queen now?”
Cayden was about to apologize for his incompetence but heaved a sigh of relief when Lucian started asking about Old Mr. Queen. “It doesn’t look good for him. They’ve consulted all the famous doctors from inside and outside of the country, but they were helpless.”
Lucian nodded slightly. “Reschedule my agenda planned for tomorrow night. I want to pay a visit to Old Mr. Queen.”
“Understood,” replied Cayden.
Cayden, upon being certain that there were no further instructions, left after waiting for a while.
When they just arrived at the research institute, Roxanne and Colby sprang into action and hurriedly contacted all the medical ingredient suppliers in Horington.
Due to the lack of supplies, many projects in the research institute had to be held in abeyance. If this were to continue, the losses would spiral out of control.
Hence, time was of the essence for them to collaborate with a medical ingredient supplier.
Before this, Colby tried contacting the suppliers in Horington, but his proposal was rejected instantly. However, since they ran out of options, they were forced to test their luck once again.
“VR Research Institute? I thought we had this conversation before? Your asking price is too low! We are not interested to collaborate with you!”.
Just as Roxanne mentioned the name of the research institute, the rejection from the other end of the phone call was instantaneous.
Roxanne gritted her teeth. “We can increase the price from our original offer. What about an
increase of half a decimal point? Let’s try to work out a feasible plan, and there’s always room for negotiations-”
The person interiected and said, “It’s still too low. We need to increase at least 3 decimal points, or else there’s no room for negotiation.”
Hearing such bold demand, Roxanne hung up promptly.
Meanwhile, Colby’s expression didn’t look pleasant either.
“I’m so sorry, Dr. Galloway. All of our supplies have been booked by someone else. We do not have any extra at the moment.
The answer was obviously an excuse, which indicated the other person’s unwillingness to collaborate.
Colby simply responded, “All right, I understand.”
He then hung up the phone after that.
After an entire day of cold-calling, there was no positive news even until the next afternoon.
Though the suppliers responded differently, some courteous and the others impatient, the conclusion that resulted from the phone calls was that none of the suppliers were willing to collaborate.
Even worse, one of the suppliers made it expressly clear to Roxanne that they would never collaborate with the VR Research Institute. But the reason for that was not disclosed.
It was clear as daylight that they were sabotaged by someone in the dark.
As such, the culprit could be none other than Aubree.


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