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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 2131

These few words were like a bomb thrown into a crowd. All the questions the journalists had been brewing were now unable to be spoken. That answer was all they needed.

Clearly, Noah wasn't about to give them another chance to probe. His icy gaze swept over them, and he turned to enter the grand doors.

The reporters exchanged glances and slowly dispersed. That final warning look in his eyes was unmistakable to all. Such a message was enough.

The news was reported as it happened, Noah's last words printed without embellishment, yet they were the most straightforward reply.

Regardless of who Noah was, a man who broke off his engagement because of another woman was now the talk of the town—as the ultimate jerk. And with that, the company's reputation began a downward spiral, evidenced by the plummeting TV ratings.

There were some voices of support, but they were soon drowned out by a tidal wave of criticism and mockery.d2

Despite the numerous grievances the company's senior management held against Noah, the presence of him at the company still brought a sigh of relief to their hearts. They had grown accustomed to relying on him over the years. With him around, any issue would eventually find its perfect resolution. Even though the current crisis was of his making, and it was severe.

Jon watched the news with a stony silence. He had said all there was to say. And Jon knew well that whatever he had considered, Noah would have thought about it as well.

Noah still chose this path.

Jon had always trusted his son; from the moment he handed over the company, Noah had never given him cause for worry. Except this time, Jon couldn't help but fret—how would Noah tie up the loose ends of this debacle?

Even Jon, for all his wisdom, could not conceive a solution.

Truth be told, Noah hadn't thought too much about it this time. All he knew was that he had to have Ella, no matter what. The rest was secondary.

Ella, seeing the news, felt a turmoil of emotions. Sitting on her bed facing the window, she stared out at the bright weather, her expression somewhat vacant.

If only this had happened five years earlier. She was naive then, full of impulsive love and reckless passion.

She wasn't the same Ella now. As she braced herself, weighing the pros and cons, Noah suddenly became heedless of the consequences.

With things having reached this point, the television station suffered greatly, Noah's reputation was in tatters, and it was evident that the grandfather was furious. This situation also dragged in the Minton family and the Reeves family. Things couldn't get any worse.

She thought long and hard but couldn't find a way out for Noah. Exhausted, she closed her eyes. She shouldn't have come back.

The room was unnaturally quiet. After a long while, she opened her eyes, looked down at her phone, dialed her family's number, hesitated for a moment, and then pressed call.


"Sir, a call from Miss Ella," Tony said, carefully handing the receiver to Jon.

Jon slowly opened his eyes, the years evident in his cool gaze. He stared at the phone for a moment before lifting his hand to take it. He didn't speak first.

After a few seconds of silence, Ella spoke up. "Grandpa, I'm sorry."

Jon pursed his lips, "This isn't your fault. I might be old, but I still know right from wrong. You haven't done anything."

"Grandpa," Ella gently interrupted, "I love Uncle Noah."

Jon's expression flickered, clouding over with a fresh shade of gloom, "What do you plan to do, Ella? I don't think these five years have been in vain."

"I thought I could let him go, but Grandpa, I cannot be indifferent to a man who is willing to risk everything to be with me. Especially when he has always had a firm place in my heart. If he ever asked anything of me, I couldn't remain unmoved."

"So?" Jon's voice was as heavy as lead.

Ella gripped her phone tighter and after a brief silence, said, "All the damage has been done, and it can't be undone. So, there's no need for further considerations. Isn't it true that being together is the only way to justify all the hurt caused?"

Noah was reckless because that was what he wanted.

"So, you're throwing caution to the wind too? Have you thought about Paul and Rebecca? It's not just one person you're letting down, and you won't get anyone's blessing. You're ready to live under their judgmental eyes for a lifetime? You can be fearless now, but what about the future? Ella, life isn't just about love.

"I never opposed you. If there were any feasible way, I would accept it. But you missed the right moment. Ella, even if I agreed now, how could you two be happy together?" This issue wasn't something Jon’s approval alone could resolve.

"I know," Ella's calm voice emerged, "so I don't want to think about the future."

Jon fell silent.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry, I can do so little. Even if it's just a fleeting joy, I'm willing to jump in. I'm sorry."

Jon's lips tightened, his eyes reddening, "Ella, this isn't about you, you don't have to do anything."

"I'm to blame, Grandpa, it's only a matter of time."

Ella finished softly, then hung up.

Looking out the window again, she exhaled deeply, a burden lifted.



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