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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 2133

Putting down his phone, Noah turned back to Ella. "Time for lunch."

Ella nodded, ran her fingers through her hair, and asked again. "What brings you home at this hour? Work let up?"

"Yeah." Noah's gaze fell to the slippers kicked off beneath the sofa. He bent down to place them neatly at her feet. "Got a break for now."

Ella slipped on her slippers with a natural grace and stood up. Her lips moved, but in the end all that came out was "I see."

Noah stood up, taking her hand and leading her toward the dining room. Ella looked down at their intertwined hands, her eyelashes fluttering slightly, and then with a small smile, she asked, "How long is this break? Can you come home tomorrow and have lunch with me again?"

Noah's grip on her hand tightened just a bit as he pulled out a chair for her in the dining room.d2

"I can. Actually, you could come to the office and join me."

Ella paused, lifting her eyes to meet his across the table. There was inquiry and doubt in her gaze.

Did he really trust her out in the open? Considering how just days before, he had confined her to the house, not even allowing her out of the room, her heart was still racing.

Moreover, was it safe for her now? Any public appearance might reignite the scandal that had just started to fade. She knew the issue wasn't entirely resolved, but what they needed most now was time, for everyone to catch their breath, and for the company to regain its strength.

Staying out of sight was definitely the right thing to do. Eventually, she'd have to take this step, but for now, she yearned for this dreamlike time to last just a bit longer.

Seeing her expression, Noah looked down and after a short silence said, "Tomorrow night, I'll take you out."

Ella's heart contracted sharply, her hand pausing as she reached for her fork. "Do we really have to go out?"

Noah looked at her earnestly. "You can't stay cooped up at home forever."

Ella stared at him, her pupils trembling, before finally lowering her gaze and taking a bite of her food. "Okay."


As evening fell, The Watson Hotel glowed.

Ella, in a black V-neck knee-length dress, sat in the slowly halting car, gazing through the window at the resplendent hotel, her eyes a touch distant.

Noah hadn't told her where they were going, but she had seen from the group chat that Chloe was hosting a celebration that night. When her uncle had delivered the dress to her, she had nearly got it.

The night's party, filled with everyone who was anyone, also invited a slew of journalists. Was Noah ready for the consequences of taking her there tonight?

Noah got out of the car first, and the waiting reporters eagerly raised their cameras. Ella, her hands white-knuckled on her lap, watched the eager crowd.

Noah calmly opened her door, extending his hand to her. Ella's hands were cold. The moment she stepped out of the car, there would be no turning back.

Noah was set on going public with her, transforming her from niece to girlfriend. He wanted her to live a normal life. He wanted to give her status and confidence. She understood, but she didn't want him to lose too much because of her.

Without a response from Ella for a long time, Noah bent down, taking her hand, and pulled her from the car. In front of the rush of reporters, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close. It was a man's claim over his woman.

Ella instinctively ducked her head, hesitant and afraid to face the cameras.

Noah just drew her closer, "Don't be scared, just stay by my side, and nobody will dare touch you."


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