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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 35

Chapter 35 

me and gave Rose a call, letting her know she’d been discharged from the hospital 


pon hearing 

news Rose was a bit miffed 

So you were hospitalized and are visited then you get discharged and you don’t give me a heads up? Are you trying to make me feel guilty?” 

free meal out of

feel pulty, 15 

Chice chucked. Suddenix feeling


wasn’t too shabby after 

surprised to hear Chice’s rare lighthearted tone 

She thought that a subcom person like Chice would undoubtedly have a penod of low spints

She s prepared a lot of comforting words, knowing that some truths might not resonate with Chice

Even though everyone understood these truths, when things happened to you, no one can bear the emotions for you

She artico 

sorts, so hearing her tone today was quite a surprise. But, that was a good surprise

have the ability to eat a restaurant into bankruptcy, I join you

e have that power yet.” 

Chice came out of the bathroom phone in and 

the day had tumed completely dark outside are you planning on qutting your job at Lance’s company

Rose ordered for 

1 just want yo 

Rose’s voice was 

before finally asking. 1 do hope you come over soon, but I’m not in a rush.” 

as soon as possible. Chloe, I have to make it clear. I know you can’t forgive Lance. He abandoned your eightyear relationship! He’s

with increasing anger, but being welleducated, she didnt utter any harsh words about Lance 

Chice looked a bit sad Eight years. Everyone knew that an eightyear relationship shouldn’t be abandoned. But for Keira, Lance really did it

She took a deep breath, closed her eyes to suppress the sadness 

nopened her eyes and exhaled deeply, I know” 

Anght Rose responded quietly after a pause

Roseworking overtime, the two didn’t that much after that and ended the call 

Chice put her phone on the coffee table poured herself a hot cup of water, walked to the window, and looked out at the city covered in mist. The fights were dim, traffic was fowing but the city was much quieter than before 

She just stood there quietly, her expression indifferent 

Chice thought she would have a complete meltdown because of Lance’s betrayal

She was prepared. Even the pain felt like her heart was being ripped apart and the blood wouldn’t stop, she would only let herself hunt once


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