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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 1396

Gilbert and Lottie's engagement party was held at Bardoff Grand Hotel on Saturday.

A ton of people showed up to their engagement party. After all, the Bradshaws and the Silveras were pretty big names in Bardoff City, and plenty of the other families knew of their true wealth. They all came to attend the party.

Jenny and Alec had both received invites. Jenny was Gilbert's sister, and on top of that, they represented the Walters and the Fausts. It was to be expected.

At first, Jenny didn't want to go. The party held no meaning to it. It was just a show put on for Esther. It would be a complete waste of her time. However, she was talked into it by Alec. It would be weird if she didn't go.

Zack brought Janet to the party. He found Jenny and was in a daze. "Wasn't Gilbert courting Marigold? Why is he engaged to Lottie?"

Jenny rolled her eyes. "What have you been doing, Zack? You're really bad at keeping up."

Gilbert had been courting Lottie for a while now. If Zack paid attention to even a little bit of what his brother was up to, he wouldn't be asking this right now.

Zack looked embarrassed and rubbed his nose awkwardly. "I just went on a vacation with Janet, and we received the invite when we got back. I'm stunned, to be honest."

"Well, you can keep on being stunned. It's best that you don't know." If Zack had been involved, Gilbert's plan might have been ruined.

Zack was unhappy. "You're not even treating me like a human anymore, Jenny."

"That's enough, Zack. Just don't worry over nothing." Jenny brushed it off. "I'm serious. Even if you find anything out, do not get yourself involved. Everything is going according to Gilbert's plan, got it?"

She was really afraid of Zack affecting Gilbert's plans.

Zack didn't want to press on anymore when he saw how serious she was. "Alright, alright, I've got it. You and Gilbert are always like this, keeping things to yourself and never telling me anything."

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