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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 1399

That very afternoon, Esther and Gilbert rushed to Faust Group to sign the deal. Gilbert said he was worried that Alec would change his mind, so he urged Esther to sign it. Only through a written contract would they be able to relax.

Esther thought it made sense and agreed to rush to Faust Group with Gilbert.

In the meeting room, Alec looked at the two people before him, expressionless. "You have a good son, Mrs. Bradshaw."

"I'm flattered. My son had Bradshaw Operations' interests at heart. He'll inevitably be a little insensitive. Please don't hold that against him, Mr. Faust." Esther smiled. She didn't mind Alec's sarcasm because it didn't matter. As long as Bradshaw Operations could truly benefit from this, she didn't care how much Alec mocked her.

Alec smiled coldly and slid the contract over to her. "You may flip through it."

Esther took it and read through it seriously.

If this project succeeded, they would reap massive rewards. However, it required a massive upfront investment. It would drain nearly all of Bradshaw Operation's assets. They would have to put their other projects on hold to make this succeed. Hence, she had to be serious.

The contract seemed harmless. Faust Group was generously giving them fifty percent of the shares. It was unbelievable to Esther. "I thought that even thirty percent of the shares would be extravagant of you, Mr. Faust."

Alec scoffed. "If it weren't for Gilbert bothering my wife, I wouldn't have agreed to give you so much." Displeasure was written all over Alec's face.

Esther was a little hesitant. Bradshaw Operations could barely cover thirty percent of the shares. However, if it was fifty percent, it would be an incredible strain on them. The Bradshaws had multiple ongoing projects. Even if they paused them, it would affect them greatly if their investment did not produce immediate results.

"What are you hesitating for, Mrs. Bradshaw? You're not broke, are you?" Alec sneered and took the contract back. "If you are, you should stop dreaming about projects you can't afford to have."

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