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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 461

Chapter 461 You Ruined Me

After hearing what Alec said, Jenny was surprised. She didn’t expect that Alec had already seen a psychiatrist. While feeling relieved, she still had some worries. Since a psychiatrist was already involved, why was Alec still in his current state?

Jenny didn’t know much about psychology, so she didn’t comment much. “That’s good,” she said. She didn’t insist on Alec seeing the psychiatrist she recommended. She believed things would eventually get better as long as he continued to see a doctor. The two didn’t discuss the matter any further. After dinner, Jenny got up to clean the dishes and left Alec’s place after washing them.

Jenny was just about to take a shower and call it a day when she got home, but someone knocked on her door loudly. Before she could even ask who was there, a drunken voice sounded from outside.

“Jenny! Open the door! You’ve ruined everything for me. Are you happy now? I got divorced from Sam because of you. I would’ve been Alec’s wife if it weren’t for you. I wouldn’t have ended up in this miserable state!”

The person outside the door shouted and pounded on Jenny’s door relentlessly.

Jenny didn’t want to deal with Yvonne, but it was already late, and she was making quite the ruckus. If this went on, Jenny’s neighbors would surely complain. Thinking of that, Jenny reluctantly opened the door. She could immediately smell the alcohol on Yvonne, which caused her to frown and think, “My goodness, how much did she drink?”

Across from Jenny’s unit, Alec also heard Yvonne’s voice. He opened his door with a grim expression. Yvonne looked at Jenny, then at Alec, and tearfully walked toward him, saying, “Alec, I divorced Sam.”

Alec didn’t give her any response.


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