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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 2012

Chapter 2012: It's Not a Big Deal

Luther spoke with a serious tone, "How can you say that? When the commander was in danger, Joyce stepped up, it was only right. Don't worry, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I already have a plan."

"What plan?" Joyce asked.

"First, keep it a secret from you all," Luther teased.

"At a time like this, you still want to keep secrets from us? What if something goes wrong?" Joyce couldn't believe it. "Are you afraid we'll leak information?"

"It's not that, it's just that the more people know, the more likely it is to show on their faces. It's easier for the other side to notice," Luther pulled Joyce into his arms. "Don't worry, everything is under my control."

"Are you saying that you already know who leaked the information?" Cecelia heard the hidden meaning.

"Pretty much," Luther nodded. "Mom, please trust me, I will protect Joyce. I set this trap to expose her. Let's wait patiently, and everything will be revealed."

"Well, if you're confident, we will support you wholeheartedly," Cecelia said solemnly.

Joyce glanced at Luther, feeling some dissatisfaction, but she also trusted him. "Fine, I'll take care of the kids, the rest is up to you."

Luther held her tighter.

"By the way, dad won't be able to come this time?" Joyce asked.

Cecelia said, "Your dad will come to attend your wedding ceremony the day after tomorrow, but he won't stay long. About two hours, he has to leave. The military has arranged for him to come by helicopter, and he will leave by helicopter after the ceremony. Directly to Alvonia for business. Sorry, Joyce, he's too busy."

"It's a great honor for my father-in-law to come," Luther's face showed pleasant surprise. He hadn't seen Ralph in a long time.

"That's great. I haven't seen my father in a long time either," Joyce's face was full of anticipation. "Sorry, I haven't had time to come back to the Capital recently, I should've visited you."

"What are you talking about?" Cecelia laughed. "You are not feeling well physically, and you just gave birth. Okay, let's not talk anymore. Rest for a while, there's a lot to prepare for."

"Okay, I need to double-check the guest list," Luther released Joyce. "You go rest for a while, the wedding team has arrived. They will rehearse again tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, they will help you change into your wedding dress, do your makeup. Also, Anderson and Iris, they need to try on their outfits tomorrow. I think there's more to do. Flowers, buffet arrangements are all set. The wedding witness, the Archbishop, will arrive tomorrow. And..."

"Don't nag, it's annoying," Joyce had no patience for organizing these things. "I'll go see the kids."

With that, she pulled Cecelia along, "Mom, even though Wilson and Cullen are twins, I feel like after a month, their appearances have changed a bit. When they grow up, they may not look alike."

"Yes, originally fraternal twins, when they grow up, they can look quite different," Cecelia nodded.

The mother and daughter walked hand in hand, talking and laughing, heading into the room.

Luther had a black line on his face. Joyce really had no interest in the wedding. In theory, women are the ones who love to organize these things. He thought, if there's someone who feels the same annoyance, it must be Felix, Vicki cares even less about societal rules, carefree and uninhibited. In the future, if Felix wants to have a wedding, he'll definitely be infuriated. Thinking like this, he felt a sense of balance in his heart.

Meanwhile, at the Saunders Residence.

Felix was choosing clothes at home, while Vicki sat on the sofa, relaxing with her eyes closed.

Her belly had already started to show, she hadn't gained much weight, but her stomach looked round.


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