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Wrong marriage and sweet love (Joyce and Luther) novel Chapter 2074

Chapter 2074: Anyone Can Be Emperor

Due to Darrin's excessive force, Grizela fell to the ground, panting heavily.

"Why are you stopping me?!" she shouted angrily. "His Highness is gone forever. How can I live alone? It was my negligence. I must atone with my death!"

She tried to grab the sword again.

Darrin kicked the sword further away. "You're crazy. The situation isn't settled yet, and you want to kill yourself?"

He knew her country's tradition of atoning for mistakes with death, thinking it was an outdated concept. He didn't expect anyone to still adhere to it. Grizela was truly loyal.

"Not settled? His Highness is in the hands of the Crown Prince. How could he survive? Don't comfort me. I want to join him; you don't need to stop me." Grizela knelt on the ground. "Without a sword, I still have a gun. There are many ways to die."

Darrin felt a tightness in his chest. He abruptly pulled Grizela up from the ground, bringing her face-to-face with him.

"To you, is your life only worth serving Reuben? Is there no one else worth living for? Have you not considered him even for a second?" he questioned painfully.

Grizela was stunned and didn't answer.

In the darkness, she dared not look at his pained eyes.

Because even a sliver of light would reveal his sorrowful gaze, his handsome face twisted in anguish, and his expression filled with grief.

Darrin laughed bitterly. "After knowing each other for so long, I thought I held some small place in your heart. But it turns out I'm nothing. To you, I'm just a passerby. You want to kill yourself without considering my feelings at all. Have you thought about how much pain I'd be in?"

"I like you," he confessed, "though I never had the chance to say it before. But I believe you must have felt my affection." He placed her hand over his heart.

Grizela felt his heart pounding erratically.

She knew it deep down, even if she was foolish. His gaze always made her ears burn and her heart flutter like a young girl's. But she held her responsibilities too dearly to indulge in personal feelings.

When she thought of dying to atone, his image did flash through her mind briefly.

"Grizela, I like you," Darrin repeated, pulling her into his arms forcefully. "Don't speak of death lightly or give up. Until things are settled, think of those who care about you. Live for me, please."

His voice trembled; he was terrified. If he had been a moment later, she would have killed herself with the sword.

"Since His Highness wants to exchange the jade seal for everyone's safety, he wouldn't carry it with him. He must ensure everyone's safety before handing it over. I believe His Highness will be fine for now. Trust us; there will be a way out." Darrin tried hard to comfort her.

After a long time, Grizela's tense body finally relaxed in his arms. She couldn't help but cry, burying her face in his chest as her shoulders shook uncontrollably.

"Don't do anything foolish; promise me?" Darrin tightened his embrace and gently rested his chin on her head.

Grizela nodded.

Darrin finally breathed a sigh of relief; she wouldn't have suicidal thoughts for now.

He remembered when they first met; she had said something similar back then too. He had felt uneasy but didn't take it seriously. Now he realized she wasn't just speaking casually. If something happened to His Highness Reuben, she would surely follow him in death.

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