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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 465

“Amy, are you feeling uncomfortable today?” Richard went to visit Amy as soon as he returned. He had gone out for a business appointment today and had not expected something like that to happen at home. It had really scared him.

“It’s alright. I’m fine.” Amy was just quite bored and exhausted but there was nothing wrong with her.

“Why don’t you tell me about what happened today? You’re already uncomfortable and you still have to deal with this matter. You really don’t trust me.” Richard felt that he should do all these things by himself.

“Aren’t you busy? Besides, I’m free all day long. So, you can give me a chance to show off as well.” It was not easy for Richard either.

Now, HD Group was being ruined by William. Many board members had requested to withdraw their shares. Some of them were creating trouble every day by accusing William. Richard had to handle too many things. Moreover, Richard had not completely recovered. So, Amy did not want him to be too tired.

Richard checked around Amy’s body and made sure that she was not injured, then only he was relieved.

“No matter how busy I’m, your safety is always the most important thing. You can’t do this again. If you repeat it next time, I will punish you.” Richard put his hands into Amy’s clothes.

“Alright, alright. I know it. I will remember your advice. Take your hands out.” Amy could not bear with Richard’s tickling.

“No, once a month is still necessary. We have only done it once after coming back for more than two months. It’s time for us to make out again.” Richard hugged Amy without letting go of her.

“I think that you should recuperate properly. You shouldn’t be so desperate.” Amy recalled Richard wanted it desperately last time, so she had no choice but to agree. However, his wounds were inflamed again after they finished doing it.

“I have recovered well. Look at it if you don’t believe me. My wound is really healed. It has already scabbed over.” Richard quickly untied his clothes and let Amy look at his wounds. He was physically strong as he had almost recovered from such severe injuries. His muscular and compact skin was really eye-catching.

After making love with her, Richard reminded Amy not to make decisions on her own again. This kind of thing must be done by a man.

“Dear, a woman is meant to be loved by a man. If you don’t need me to love you, then wouldn’t I be a failure.” After helping Amy who was exhausted to clean her body, Richard hugged her and was still reminding her.

“Alright, I know it. I will let you do everything from now onwards. I will not care about anything.” Amy fell asleep after saying that.

Richard was glad after hearing Amy’s words. He was a man, so he should love and take good care of his woman. Otherwise, how could he be somebody’s husband?

Richard did not wake Amy up when he left the next day. He felt sympathetic for her, so he let her sleep a little longer. He had already handled the other issues.

When Amy woke up, she could no longer feel Richard’s warmth around her. However, his body smell was still left behind.

Amy was so cheerful as she was holding the pillow that Richard had slept on and recalling what Richard had said to her.

“Ew, ew.” She was originally happy but she felt uncomfortable in her stomach.

“I have to go to the hospital today. I always feel uncomfortable in my stomach recently as well as tired too.” Amy got up and went to the bathroom to vomit. She vomited so violently that she almost threw up her bile.

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