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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 469

“Finnley, in fact, you look really beautiful in skirts. Look at your figure, how nice!” Dexter bought a pink skirt for Finnley and watched her put it on.

“Really? I think it’s pretty too. How about I start wearing skirts all time from now on?” Finnley looked at herself in the mirror. She looked so beautiful that she fell in love with herself.

“No, you still can’t wear it when the weather is cold. What if you get sick?” Dexter frowned. He doted Finnley as if she was his daughter.

“I’m not that weak to fall sick just by wearing a skirt.” Finnley had not worn skirt for more than twenty years. She thought that she didn’t look good in skirts. However, since she wore a skirt once, she found out that she really looked good in one. She loved to be pretty, so she wouldn’t give up wearing a skirt again.

“Anyway, it’s just not okay. You can wear it when the weather is hot.” Dexter insisted on his opinion.

The two started to have different opinions on when Finnley could wear a skirt.

Faustina, who heard their conversation, could not help but interrupt them, “I think that Dexter is right. You have not worn a skirt before, so you’d better keep an eye on your body. Don’t disbelieve his words.”

Faustina was very satisfied with Dexter. Finally, she could get rid of her daughter. She even thought of preparing a generous dowry for Finnley.

“Mom, you, why don’t you side me? I will be angry if you treat me like this,” said Finnley to Faustina.

“Okay, okay.” Faustina was thinking about something else and didn’t notice what she was talking about.

“We’ve already set the date. My mom has drawn up a list and said that we can go over there to take a look when we’re free.” Dexter was quite happy when he knew that his mom and Finnley’s mom were good friends.

“Well, okay. I will go over and take a look. I have prepared a dowry for Finnley as well, so I will go and show it to your mom too.” Faustina was busy preparing the dowry for Finnley recently, so she didn’t meet up with Eliana either.

“Mom, you prepared a dowry for me? How much is it?” Finnley was interested in her dowry now, and she was eager to see what her mother would prepare for her.

“Of course. Look, are you satisfied with what I’ve prepared for you?” Faustina was not pretentious, so she handed her the dowry list she had prepared.

Finnley and Dexter looked at the paper. It was filled was lots of items listed on it. Basically, half of the Carr family’s assets were given to her as a dowry.

“Oh, mom, there’s so many things on the list, isn’t it a bit too much?” Even Finnley felt that it was too much.

“I’m sending you to Dexter to harm him, so I have to give more.” Faustina said and laughed.

“Mom? How much do you dislike me, huh?” Finnley knew that her mother was joking, so she squeezed herself into her mother’s arms and pouted.

“No, no. She is not going to dislike you. Even if she dislikes you, I will still like you,” said Dexter seriously. In his heart, as long as Finnley was a woman, it was already a blessing to him. The rest was not that important anymore.

“But I dislike you! Why are you so nice to me?” Finnley looked at Dexter. This man was the man she wanted to be together for the rest of her life. He was willing to give up anything for her, so what else could she complain about him?

Chapter 469 Extra Story: Dexter and Finnley 1

Chapter 469 Extra Story: Dexter and Finnley 2


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