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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 468

“Hilary, I think the two of us should just get together? Look at them, they’re all married.” Kingsley held a wine glass and walked up to Hilary.

“You?” Hilary gave Kingsley a disgusted look.

Hilary’s such action made Kingsley very unhappy.

“What? What’s the problem? You’re already a thirty-year-old old woman, why are you still so smug? I don’t even dislike you but you dislike me?” Kingsley looked askance at Hilary.

“I’m not smug. It’s because your reputation stinks, I’m afraid it will affect mine.” Hilary frowned.

“My reputation stinks? Do you think your reputation is good? Not many people can tolerate the bad temper of the daughter of the Carter family. Do you really think that you can marry a tender man? I’m already very kind for not disliking you!” Kingsley glanced at Hilary. ‘Except for her good look, there is no merit or any good attribute at all.’

“What did you say? Who were you talking about? You even mentioned my bad temper, don’t you also have it? Oh, I really don’t believe it, I’ll find a man better than you in a month and show you!” Hilary’s stubborn temper was portrayed.

“Fine, then I’ll wait and see. If you can’t find one within a month, I’ll still be here waiting for you!” Kingsley laughed and walked away with his glass of wine, causing Hilary to make faces at his back.

Kingsley turned around his body, smiled at Hilary and continued to walk away. When he turned around, Hilary was really surprised. Seeing him leave again, she sat obediently.

However, Hilary was worried. ‘Is Kingsley looking down on her? Is she, Hilary Carter, really not able to find a suitable man? She has always been the one who chose others, will there be any problem for her to find a man? She, Hilary really does not believe it.’

Since Hilary made a bet with Kingsley, she let Cathy and Eliana introduce men to her.

When Cathy saw that her daughter was surprisingly going to go on a blind date and was even so anxious, although she was happy, she felt that there was something wrong, “Hilary, why would you suddenly want to go on a blind date? I remember that you dislike blind date very much.”

“Mom, I recently changed my personality. I want to find a good man and get married. Otherwise, the Carter family will always have a bachelorette and I’ll always be annoyed by my two elder brothers who act lovey-dovey, don’t you feel sympathetic for me?” Hilary found a very suitable reason.

Hearing this, Cathy also felt it was right. Her daughter would indeed be unable to stand in such an environment. So, she accelerated the pace to find a man for her daughter.

Eliana was also busy looking for a good man for Hilary. Now, in addition to taking care of Amy’s little son, the members of the Carter family also had one more task, which was to find a good man for Hilary.

Hilary would see Kingsley once a day. It was very coincidental that she would always see Kingsley either on the way to the blind date, during the blind date or on the road.

But, they did not talk to each other. They just nodded at each other and brushed past.

Whenever Hilary had met Kingsley, she felt that the men that she saw on blind dates afterwards were not good enough.

She felt the men were either too fat, too thin, or not good-looking.

Anyway, in Hilary’s view, there was really no one comparable to Kingsley.

“Mom, Mom, the men that you’ve introduced to me are too bad, am I that bad?” Hilary was feeling very vexed.

“No, the men that we introduced to you are very good. It’s just that you’re too picky on men. If you’re taking your elder brother as the standard, there are really not many such men in R City.” Cathy told the truth.

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