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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 30

“Richard, your wife is pretty and easy-going. I like her.” Hilary said to Richard at the table.

“Really? I want to meet her then. I want to know what my daughter-in-law looks like. But if Hilary agrees that the girl is pretty, then she must be.” Cathy was interested in Richard’s wife after hearing Hilary’s comment.

But Richard kept eating, speechless.

Cathy and Hilary didn’t care. They started talking about how to encounter Amy.

“Don’t go too far. She didn’t know I am her husband.” He reminded them, as they were so excited about their plan.

“Richard, why didn’t you tell her the truth? What do you mean that?” Cathy was unsatisfied with what he did. She didn’t like Allison at all. But Richard just treated her as treasure.

“It’s interesting, Mom. Just leave me alone. Don’t you want me to marry? Now I’m married. Mind your own business please.” Richard put down the folk.

Grandpa John was looking at him. Richard was the smartest one among his grandchildren. And he was the most affectionate one, too. Allison left five years ago. But he never forgot her. If John didn’t force, Richard must be single now.

“Cathy, now that he has been married, we shouldn’t worry about it. But it doesn’t make sense that you give your wife nothing. It’s not the right way we handle things.”

“I didn’t give her a wedding. I didn’t let her meet you. But I gave her money, which she needed most.” Richard didn’t want to continue the conversation.

“So you can’t tell her that I am her husband. Her husband is Mr. Carter.” Richard stopped saying any words. If the talk went on, they must mention Allison. They disliked her so much, but he didn’t want them to hurt her.

After saying that, Richard stood up and left the table. He was unhappy. No one wanted to continue the talk. They knew that Allison was his soft spot.

Richard was sitting in his car. He checked his phone and confirmed that Amy didn’t call him. So he called Robin.

Amy was so excited but nervous about the news that her father will accept an surgery abroad. She heard that the operation was at risk. She was afraid that her father would die from the operation.

“Amy, it’s Andy.” At that moment, Amy received a call from Andy.

“Andy? Why do you call me?” She was surprised to receive his phone call. They didn’t meet each other after their meal last time.

“I got your number from Hannah. You can keep my number. Your father will transfer to another hospital and get a surgery abroad. I heard that they found the right heart for your father,” Andy said.

“Yes, they found it. So my father need to undergo the surgery at soon as possible.” Amy answered.

“Well, yes. Will you come to the hospital tomorrow? We can meet and talk in detail. It’s hard to make it clear on the phone.” Andy asked.

“Alright. I will come after work tomorrow. Then let’s talk about it.” Amy agreed. Actually, she trusted Andy and was willing to follow what he said. Andy was so nice to her, better than to Hannah.

If he didn’t move abroad, they would have got married. Their parents always said jokingly that they should be a couple.


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