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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 36

Chapter 36 

She couldn’t say no. Nor could she ignore him

His presence, it was pretty intense

This was the first time she’d met someone like this in her life, and it left her stumped

Finishing her water, Chloe put down her cup and walked into the bedroom with her phone in hand

She decided that from today onwards, she would start fresh, a second life, and she wouldn’t let herself be stuck in a rut anymore

The next morning Monday 

A black Volkswagen was cruising down the wide road

Yesterday’s rain had left the city’s air feeling fresh 

Chloe rolled down her window next to the driver’s seat, one hand on the window and the other one steadily controlling the steering wheel 

Her hands were clad in a pair of black thin gloves, and a caramelcolored trench coat wrapped around her slender body. Her hair was tied up at the back of her head, making her look all neat and nifty 

With a poker face, her eyes were cold, but deep inside, there was a bit of sharpness that gave off an air of authority and pride

As the car slowly approached the Olson Group building. Chloe rolled up the window, gripped the steering wheel with both hands, made a turn, and the car slowly drove into the underground parking lot 

As Chloe got out of the car with her keys and bag, a shrill car horn echoed in the underground garage 

Chloe paused, turned around, and saw Lance’s RollsRoyce whizz past her and park in a spot not far away

Then she saw Lance get out of the car quickly, walk to the passenger side, open the car door, and extend his hand. A pair of delicate white hands landed in his. Keira stepped out of the car in a Chanel dress 

Her brown hair fell in front of her, neatly styled, her makeup flawless. Standing there, she looked up at Lance with a sweet smile

Chloe’s eyes flickered slightly Without lingering, she turned around and walked towards the elevator


She had only taken a few steps when Lance suddenly called out to her. Chloe didn’t stop. She walked up to the elevator and pressed the button

Lance and Keira followed closely behind Lance’s voice rang out again

Chloe, when did you get discharged? Why didn’t you tell me?” 

Chloe didn’t turn around. Her back to them, she said coldly, What special relationship do we have that I need to inform you?” 

Lance’s face stiffened, a mix of embarrassment and complexity Mashing in his eyes

Keira saw his expression, bit her lip, then looked up at Lance

Seeing the vulnerability in the woman next to him, Lance withdrew his gaze and gave her a comforting smile

Keira breathed a sigh of relief. In Lance’s game, she watched Chloe’s retreating figure and said softly. Chloe, you can’t swim and you were in the water for so long. You shouldn’t have been discharged so soon… 


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