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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 5


Damon held the frail woman in his arms tightly, his long eyebrows slightly furrowed

He intended to look down at the woman in his arms, but his chin bumped into the top of her head

Her hair brushed lightly against his chin, tickling him

He averted his gaze, falling on her slender, delicate neck. Her oversized hospital gown allowed him to see the skin beneath her clothing

His gaze gradually deepened, but the woman in his arms suddenly stirred, a sweet scent wafting from her collar and directly hitting his nostrils He was taken aback for a moment 

Chloe shifted again, feeling the numbness in her legs subsiding, and then she said in a low voice

Thanks Im fine now” 

Damon’s heart skipped a beat, but still gently released her

Seeing that she had steadied herself, he then withdrew his hand 

Are you okay?he asked 

Chloe blushed slightly and nodded

I’m fine Sorry, my legs were a bit numb just now 

Damon smiled, “I know, no need to explain.” 

Such a simple sentence left Chloe somewhat stunned, feeling a bit bitter inside, but her expression remained unchanged 

Thank you,she said

The old lady was startled by the previous scene, but seeing the interaction between the two now, her eyes were filled with satisfaction and joy 

It seemed that her grandson wasn’t emotionless after all 

Damon just smiled faintly 

Chloe stood there for a while, recalling what Lance had said earlier, she turned to the old lady and said

Ma’am, I have some things to handle now. Which room are you in? I’ll come to keep you company after I’m done.” 

Over there! See that door? You can come in from here next time.” 

The old lady paused, a crafty gleam in her eyes

Let’s exchange phone numbers. Oh, I didn’t bring my phone.The old lady said 

Hannah nearby reached into her pocket, found her phone, and stepped forward. She said


The old lady shot her a glance, and she immediately understood and stepped back

Damon, quickly, use your phone to save her number for meThe old lady said

Damon frowned, but still took out a black cell phone from his pocket, then looked at Chloe


He entered Chloe’s phone number into his phone, then put the phone away 

Then he looked at her thin figure, took off his uniform, and draped it over her

A wave of warmth, scented with a cool fragrance, instantly enveloped Chloe The uniform still carried the warmth of a man

Put it on, it’s coldDamon said indifferently, looking into Chloe’s eyes full of calm

Chloe’s heart suddenly softened, her eyes slightly warm

Unexpectedly it was such a stranger who provided her with the warmth and care she needed at this moment

In the end. Chloe decided to take off the jacket and return it to Damon

Tm fine. I’ll be back in my room soon. If I wear your jacket, it’ll be a hassle when I return it to you” 


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