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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 Can We Talk?

After all, Old Mr. Faust was part of the Faust family. He would be on Alec’s side without a doubt, not to mention that she and Alec were already divorced. Even if they hadn’t divorced, Old Mr. Faust might also not do his best to help her.

Although Jenny understood this, she didn’t tell Stephanie immediately. Instead, she decided to let her have a good night’s sleep. Stephanie went back to her room to sleep, but Jenny struggled. She needed to be prepared for the worst.

Jenny was up the whole night trying to come up with solutions, which caused her dark eye circles to become extremely obvious the following day.

“What were you up to last night?” Stephanie exclaimed when she saw her. Jenny stared at herself in the mirror as she used concealer to conceal her dark circles.

“Nothing. I just didn’t sleep well.”

“Jenny,” Stephanie suddenly called, “I’m sorry for making you worry about my family’s business.”

Upon hearing this, Jenny turned around to look at her and said thoughtfully, “If you’re going to apologize to me, I should apologize to you too. You wouldn’t have offended Alec if you didn’t speak up for me.”

“Who knew he would be so petty?” Stephanie complained. “He didn’t even give me a chance to apologize.

“Let’s eat first. There’s always a solution to everything.” She smiled at Stephanie as she walked out of the

kitchen with breakfast.

After breakfast, Stephanie grabbed her luggage and returned to her place because she was worried about her father. Counting today, her plan to run away from home only lasted three days.

Jenny cleaned up the kitchen. After changing, she was ready to go to work. Right when she opened the door and walked out, the neighbor opposite her opened his door simultaneously. Jenny was in shock. Alec was much calmer in comparison to her.

“Dr. Walter, what a coincidence.”

Jenny was speechless.

Alec was living right across from her! What were the odds?

“What a coincidence indeed, Mr. Faust,” Jenny returned to her senses as she tried to suppress her shock.

As they were talking, the two of them arrived at the lift. Jenny was feeling hesitant. She didn’t know whether Old Mr. Faust had talked to Alec about the Walker family and whether Alec would listen to Old

Mr. Faust.


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