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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 18

Chapter 18 My Understanding of Alec’s Character

At Parrington Hospital.

Jenny had just got off work when she received a call from Gilbert. After finding out that he was waiting at the hospital’s main entrance, she quickly changed and rushed over.

“Gilbert.” When she saw the man leaning against his car not far away from her, she smiled and waved at him.

Soon, she arrived in front of Gilbert, “Gilbert, why did you come here all of a sudden?”

“You wanted my help, didn’t you? I came over once I received the news.Gilbert flashed a smile at her with affection in his eyes.

Jenny was shocked to hear this. “So soon?”


After he finished speaking, Gilbert handed Jenny the document he had prepared earlier.

“This company is interested in purchasing that batch of items from the Walker family. You should get them to contact the company.”

“This…” Jenny held the document in disbelief.

This fast?

“Gilbert, you’re way too efficient,” Jenny couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

Gilbert patted her head and said, “You asked me for a favor. Of course I would get it done.”

In fact, ever since he had received that call from Jenny, he hadn’t rested. It was all because he wanted to help Jenny solve her problem as soon as possible. After all, this was her first time asking for his help throughout all these years.

“That’s true. Gilbert, you’re the best,” she said. “Let’s go. Let me treat you to a meal.”

“Sure, I’m going to feast.” Gilbert nodded. The two of them talked and laughed as they got in the car and left.

At the restaurant, Jenny sent the document to Stephanie. It was only after she reminded her again to contact the company soonest possible that she finally allowed herself to take a breather.

“So, you’re saying that because Alec overheard Stephanie badmouthing him, he decided to stop working with the Walker family?Gilbert asked as he passed her a dish.


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