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To Be Yours Again novel (Alec and Jenny) novel Chapter 20

Chapter 20 Can’t Locate Your Ex-Wife

In Gilbert’s car, Jenny received a call from Zack. “The Faust Group is now teaming up with the Lawrence family.”

“The Lawrence family?” She was stunned.

“Yup. The Lawrence family seem to be very close to Alec. Almost everyone in Parrington knows the family has Alec’s support, so they have been doing quite well these two years.” After saying that, he asked in a puzzled tone, “Why did you ask me to investigate this? Did that bastard Alec upset you again?”

“No reason. I was just curious why he suddenly stopped working with the Walker family,” Jenny said.

“That’s good. If he bothers you again, remember to tell me. I will beat him up.” He hadn’t let go of the fact that Jenny had wasted two years of her life with that man.

Jenny smiled and burst into laughter upon hearing this.


After hanging up the phone, Jenny looked out of the car window. She sometimes felt that she was fortunate. Although she didn’t have any parents, her grandfather brought her up and took great care of her since she was young. She also had two brothers who doted on her. She was very content with her life


“The Lawrence family is the family of that woman beside Alec just now, right?” Gilbert suddenly asked as he glanced at Jenny, sitting in the passenger seat.

Jenny nodded. “Should be.”

Other than Faye’s family, Jenny couldn’t think of any other families with the last name Lawrence.

“Then, it appears that Alec had already planned to stop working with the Walker family. Your incident was a mere coincidence. It didn’t affect that much.” Even if Faye hadn’t talked behind Alec’s back, the plan was already there all along.

Jenny nodded sullenly. “Yeah. I really thought that if I apologized to him, the Faust Group would continue working with them.”

Now that she thought about it, she was being ridiculous. Noticing that she was unhappy, Gilbert decided not to mention Alec anymore. He changed the topic. “There will be a charity dinner tomorrow night. Are you free?”

“Do you want me to accompany you?” Jenny asked.


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