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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 19

Amy was afraid that the jewelry would trouble her. If she accepted them, she might owe him a lot.

She hesitated. But the manager had packed it up for her.

“Excuse me, Madam. It’s all here.” The manager served Amy as courteously and humbly as he could. She was their VIP customer now.

Amy found no way to refuse. So she took them all.

“Madam, the Master also gave you 500 thousands to buy some clothes. You are supposed to run out of the money today.” Robin performed another mission given by the Master.

Robin’s words froze Amy. Should she be happy? She didn’t know.

“Robin, your master is so weird. Jeez, he got something wrong in his mind?”

Meanwhile, Richard sneezed abruptly in his office. He glanced at the air-conditioner. It was not cold. How came he sneezed?

He took out the marriage certificate from the drawer. He looked at the smiling girl on it. And he couldn’t help cracking a smile.

He had married to live up to his family’s expectation now. And he had more time to wait for her back. Richard wanted to bring the marriage certificate back home so his family would not urge him to get married. Suddenly his phone rang. That was his mother.

“Richard. Will you come back home today? Your grandpa had emphasized again - if you don’t marry shortly, he doesn’t wanna live anymore. You know what you should tell him then.” Richard’s mom said worriedly.

“No worry, Mom. I definitely won’t let him down.” He answered confidently.

“That would be great. Mommy trusts you.” Though she said so, she still felt worried.

After a while, Richard went home with the gifts he bought for his grandpa and mom.

When he was home, his grandpa John was waiting there already. John heard from Richard’s mom that Richard would give him a satisfactory answer. So he couldn’t wait to see what the answer was.


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