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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 2

The heat of the sun dazzled Amy. She rushed out of the building too fast to avoid the on-coming car. She crashed into the front corner and collapsed to the ground.

"What happened?" A man’s cool and magnetic voice came from the backseat of the car.

"I believe someone crashed into our car. Let me go check," the driver said, not having fully seen what happened.

The man sat in silence as the driver opened the car door and went to see.

Amy was lying on the ground. She forgot the dizziness and anger suffocating her heart, only feeling the pain in her backside.

"Madam, are you OK?" the driver asked nervously as Amy grimaced in pain.

She said nothing and struggled to stand. When she couldn’t quite reach the car to pull herself up, the driver was quite thoughtful and reached down to help her.

Once Amy was leaning against the car, she reflected on how unlucky she was in the past twelve hours. She had unknowingly slept with a strange man and her husband caught her, well, her ex-husband blackmailed her into divorce on their first day of marriage. And, now, a car hit her. She couldn’t help but vent her anger by kicking the car as hard as she could.

Wow, she felt so much better after kicking the car. So she decided to kick again. But before she could, the car window was slidden down and a handsome face was staring at her. Handsome could never fully depict how stunning he looked.

She believed Matt was the most dashing man she had seen in her life. But not anymore. Now that she saw the man in the car, she knew Matt couldn’t compete with him.

"The kicking shows she’s fine. Give her some money and ask her to leave."


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