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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 26

“Puff!” At Amy’s words, Hannah was so shocked that she spurted out the beer from her mouth. Amy dodged quickly and didn’t get wet.

“So, you married? Really? You married a guy you didn’t even know? I thought you were just kidding that day! And, and you are living in his house? Where is his house? I’m going to meet him. No matter what he looks like, ugly or handsome, young or old, you have the right to know it!” Hannah didn’t understand how came Amy could do this.

When they were in university, Amy was the prettiest girl of their faculty, but she was a bit conservative. Now, it seemed that she changed a lot.

“I don’t care what he looks like. The marriage only lasts for 2 years. He promises me that he will let me go after 2 years. I don’t know why he married me now and divorce me after two years. But I only know is that he will compensate me 10 million dollars for the divorce.” Amy said calmly, taking a sip of beer.

Paying the hospital bill for her father was her top priority now. So she cared her father more than herself. As for herself, she slept with an unknown guy with an unclear mind on the wedding night. And her husband was kind of nice to her, offering her a villa and so much pocket money.

“What about your father? What if he finds out that you married an unknown guy after divorcing Matt? What will he think of it?”

Amy didn’t reply. She was eating some roast meat, recalling the moment her father was sent into the emergency room. Robin told her that they were waiting in list for a compatible heart. If her father could undergo a successful transplant, he would recover soon. So even though he knew the truth then, it wouldn’t do harm to his health.

“My husband is finding a right heart for my dad. He will recover after the surgery. “

“Hey, Amy, Hannah.” A tall man was walking over to them when they were talking.


“Andy?” Amy and Hannah saw him standing in front of them with a smile.

“May I sit here?” Andy said in a mild tone.

“Of course! Great! Our bill is on you now!” Hannah put her arm on Andy’s shoulder casually. It seemed that the two were well acquainted with each other.

“Ok. It’s on me. Help yourselves.” Andy was ready to pay the bill for them.

They enjoyed the meal and the talk for a long time.

“Jack, stop right here.” Richard asked his driver to stop as he saw a girl like his wife. So he wanted to confirm if that girl was his wife.

It was really her. She was sitting beside a man who appeared in the hospital before. She smiled happily, but never smiled to him like this. She got a fever last night but now she was drinking beer and eating barbecue. She didn’t care about her health at all.

He didn’t remember his wife had no idea about who her husband was. He just felt angry and got off the car, approaching towards Amy with anger and sat down beside her.

The three were talking about childhood that moment. Suddenly Richard sat down beside Amy. The three stopped at once, looking at Richard, confused.

“Hello, Mr. Carter.” Hannah greeted him first.

“Uh-huh.” Richard replied coldly.

Then Andy greeted politely. But Amy was just staring at him, speechless.


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