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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 31

Richard had already started the foreplay. Disillusioned, Amy was totally upset with an icy heart. It turned out that even such an ugly person despised her.

“What are you thinking about, Amy?” Richard found that Amy was not in the mood.

Amy didn’t respond, while Richard was gently caressing her body. He had already known how to turn her on. With his lips close to her ear, he was licking her earlobe softly.

Shivering, Amy tried to hold back, but she couldn't help slightly groaning.

With Richard kept going all out, Amy finally got aroused. They were quite enjoying it.

Richard slowly wiped her sweat off with a towel. He stood up and was about to leave, but suddenly she grabbed his hand.

“Honey, if I marry other people in the future, will you be sad?” Amy wanted to see if he was really that cold.

“No.” With one word, Richard left without looking back.

Taking a warm bath was supposed to be comfortable, but Amy felt very painful.

It turned out that the man who slept with her every day had no feelings for her. To Amy, all the love bites on her body now were so humiliating. But she found that she had already got used to his care.

This was not a good sign depending on somebody who didn’t love her. Amy let the water sprinkle on her face, trying to wash herself out. But no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t wash off the disgrace after having sex with a heartless man.

Since he had an aversion to her, why didn’t he remind her not to get pregnant? Lately she had been so tied up that she almost forgot about contraception.

Amy counted the days and found she would get her period in a few days. She was hoping there was no surprise. If she had a baby, she would screw things up.

Amy divorced Matt and remarried Richard within only one month, but to Amy, it was like a century.

In the hospital.

“How’s my father, Andy?” Amy asked as Andy had been waiting in the ward.

“Uncle Miller is good. Don’t worry too much. He is very optimistic, and it’s good for his recovery. What’s more, he asked me about the hospital bill yesterday. I told him it was donated by a volunteer. We should align with this. Don’t make him suspicious.” Andy pulled Amy aside.

“Okay. Thank you, Andy.” Amy once told Andy not to tell her dad the truth about the money, but she didn't expect that he would keep her words in mind all the time.

“Well, I just want to let you know about this. Let’s go and meet Uncle Miller.” Andy went to meet Stephen with Amy.

“Amy, you’re here!” Stephen said with a big smile while seeing his daughter.

“Dad, you are leaving tomorrow. I’m so worried. How do you feel now?” Amy went in and sat next to Stephen.

“I feel good, very good, thanks to that kind-hearted person. Amy, once you know who he is, you should pay it back.” Actually, Stephen felt very strange, but he didn’t ask them about it.


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