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Contract Marriage With Mysterious President novel Chapter 34

Richard turned out to “panic”. He hurriedly stood up, walked into his own lounge, and took out a black shirt to Amy.

“Go change your shirt. I didn't pay attention just now. I'm sorry.” Richard said.

There was nothing Amy could do. Her shirt was all wet. If she went out like this, people would be gossiping about the two.

So she went into Richard's lounge to replace her wet shirt.

“Hey Richard, I’ll tell you something. Lately I’ve found something really interesting.” Kevin Smith excitedly opened the door of Richard’s office.

Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes by the fact that Richard was laughing, especially by laughing like an obscene goat. Ever since Allison Field left, this iceberg-like man had never laughed for a very long time.

Richard immediately stopped laughing as soon as he saw this dude come in. Instead, he immediately kept a straight face.

“What's so interesting?” he asked Kevin coldly.

Kevin nearly choked himself. How could Richard change his attitude so fast? Richard was definitely laughing just now. Or it was simply because he was dazed.

“Was I dazzled just now? Why did I think you were laughing?” Kevin found things more interesting now.

“You are dazzled. Say something or get out.” Richard said with a cold face.

“Well, the thing is I found out that Miller Group went bankrupt last year. It was actually conspired by someone.” Kevin sat on the sofa not far away from Richard, just opposite the lounge.

“What?!” Richard was surprised as well. Miller Group was more or less an enterprise in R City, but it had been in a disadvantage since two years ago, and finally went literally bankrupt last year.

Kevin heard someone else’s voice mingling with Richard’s, and that voice was absolutely not his own.

Then Richard saw that Kevin’s mouth was wide open.

It finally occurred to Richard that Amy was changing her shirt in the lounge. Amy opened the door of the lounge. Wearing Richard's black shirt made her skin as pure as a perfect jade.

The shirt was too long so she tied a knot up her waist. Her slender legs were right covered under the black skirt. She looked extremely enchanting.

Kevin obsessively gazed at Amy and was about to drool.

“What were you talking about, Sir? Was the bankruptcy of Miller Group conspired by someone?” Amy went straight to Kevin and asked anxiously.

“Whom do I speak to?” Kevin turned to Amy’s face and said.

“Sir, I want to ask you about something. Do you know the truth about the bankruptcy of Miller Group?” Amy got close to Kevin and was a little bit emotional.

“Amy, calm down. He doesn’t know anything about it. Well, be a good girl and come here.” When Richard saw that Amy was getting a little out of control, he came over to her and pulled her over.


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