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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 166

"My love, you are shining, is there something you wanted to tell me, Aurora?" Ethan asked his daughter who shook her head like a child.

"Nothing, I am just happy for Emily. She got married to Alexandrio. Oh, dad, it was a dream come true for her. She looked so beautiful in her wedding dress, I can't express her happiness in words."

Thin lines appeared around Ethan's eyes as he looked at his daughter. Her eyes were shining in happiness. "Are you sure, Love? Because as far as I can see, my little daughter is hiding something from me."

Aurora closed her eyes in shyness. She couldn't hide anything from her father. He has the power to look into her soul. "Dad, I am going to say yes, this time."

Ethan Kings forgot to breathe for a moment. He blinked twice before coming back to his senses. "Yes to Liam for the marriage?" He asked to confirm.

Aurora nodded repeatedly, "yes dad. But it's not that easy, you know. First, he has to do something unique and special for me then only I would say yes."

"Special? Like what, Love?"

Aurora sighed. "How did you propose to mom?" She asked, raising her brows in question.

Ethan chuckled recalling the time when he proposed to his wife, he went on one knee in front of everyone present in the restaurant. He still remembers the smile on her face that day. Her eyes were sparkling the same way Aurora's shining today.

A deep sorrow filled his heart seeing Aurora's happy face because he knew this was not real. Liam didn't love her, this was nothing but a business deal for him. A contract to increase his influence over the Mafia Commission.

"Dad, thank you so much, if you had not introduced me to this man, I would have been in a very wrong place today. You were right dad, Gabriel was not for me. Liam is."

Ethan's eyebrows pulled together when Aurora took Gabriel's name. He had been trying to find him but he just vanished into thin air. "Gabriel? I hope he is fine, I didn't want you to marry him but I always wish for his good future."

Aurora shrugged. "I wish for the same dad, we are not in contact anymore but I know he is trying to move on, that's why he left Canada and went to Europe. He wished me good luck and I feel relieved dad."

"Europe? Where in Europe, Exactly, Love?" He asked carefully, not to let her see anything fishy on his face.

Once again Aurora shrugged. "I don't know dad as I said, I am not in contact with him anymore…"

Before she could say anything, Liam came there. He didn't know that she was on a video call, before she could speak he held her by the waist and rested his head on the crook of her neck, kissing it, seductively. "You were about to share more of your fantasies, little one." He said in a husky voice and Aurora's eyes widened in horror.

"Liam," she tried to get out of his hold, her Ipad which was placed in the window wall. Aurora smiled sheepishly at her father who scratched his jaw and looked genuinely uncomfortable.

"We will talk some other time, Aurora" saying that he ended the call.

Liam raised his head from Aurora's neck. "That was Ethan's voice!" Aurora closed her one more time and elbowed him in the tummy lightly, to create a space between them. This time Liam allowed it to happen, Aurora turned around and pushed him in the chest.

"I was on a video call with my father and he saw us like this," she facepalmed herself in embarrassment. Liam shook his head in irritation that Ethan witnessed a personal moment between him and Aurora but then he chuckled thinking, now Ethan knew how intimately he had trapped his daughter into his love.

He once again pulled her closer to him. Aurora gasped when his erection pressed against her stomach. "Liam?"

"I want you, little one but first you are going to share your fantasies with me. I have been thinking about them since evening."

Aurora smiled and locked her hands to his neck. "First give the kind of proposal I couldn't say no to," saying that she unlocked her hands and moved to leave but Liam pulled her back in his arms, "Liam!"

"You will get it soon, but now, I want to know about those fantasies you have."

She knew he was not going to leave her unless she shared those fantasies with him. So she made a deal. "I will tell you only one, rest will remain secret till your proposal."

Liam didn't like it but nodded in agreement after all he didn't want to talk all night when he could make his every fantasy alive. Liam Knight was always hungry for the temptress's body.

"I don't know how you would feel about it but...but…"

Liam raised his brows. "But what?"

She searched his eyes thinking what he would think when she told him about the thing which attracts her. "I have this office fantasy."

"Office fantasy? Can you be more elaborate about the details?"

Aurora's cheeks turned beetroot red. "I want to have sex in office, you know, heels, pencil skirt…"

Liam's private part jerked in his trousers. She was not that innocent, she had these fantasies now he couldn't imagine how wild she could turn into once he taught her everything in this forte.

His lip turned into a smirk. He traced her jawline with his forefinger and raised her chin. "Wild and naive, the rarest combination you are, little one."

Aurora bit her lower lip in shyness. Liam could not resist her anymore and scooped her in his arms. "Let me show you something."

Aurora giggled like a child. "What?"


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