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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 169

Aurora's heartbeat quickened when she dialled Susan's number on her phone. Liam asked if she needed him to be with her but she denied. This was something she needed to do privately and Liam accepted her need of privacy. He kissed her head before letting her walk out of his cabin.

She loved this about Liam. He understood the situation and never asked her to blindly follow his words. If it had been Gabriel instead of Liam he wouldn't even let her call Susan let alone give her privacy.

Her grip on her phone tightened when Susan accepted the call. "Hello," she answered in a stiff tone.

Aurora gulped before speaking, she could sense that it was not going to be easy to cajole her angry friend. "Hey Susie…"

Susan who was busy in her designing research stopped everything when she saw Aurora's number flashing on her cell phone. Her heart flipped when in happiness that her bestie was calling her but then her pride poked in. Everyone treated her like a stress ball.

Whatever she did was for Aurora's happiness and she treated her like a criminal. Susan was not ready to forgive her for the pain she endured in her absence. She fisted her hand when Ralph's face flashed in her memory, if Aurora had been there with her she would not have felt a lone, she wouldn't have left herself for a man who used her for his pleasure.

"Susie, please say something…"

She was so lost in her thoughts that she

Didn't listen to anything Aurora said. "I didn't hear you, Aurora, can you please repeat," she said in her professional tone.

Aurora stiffened hearing the coldness in her tone. The girl who used to greet her affectionately was behaving like a distanced friend who rarely talked. "I know you are angry with me and I apologise for it, Susie. I know what I did was wrong but I was angry at you. I was angry…"

"Angry for what Aurora. For helping you get out of an abusive relationship! For helping you move on with your life with the man who was actually good for you, with whom you are living happily now. I agree I shouldn't have get involved but I did that because I loved you but I forgot that you only see what you want to see."

Aurora gasped. "Loved?"

Susan sighed. "Aurora, I am sorry but right now I need some time. You always said that you need time right, today I am asking you the same, give me time. I can't become the old Susan just because you apologised to me. In these past few weeks I saw life from a different perspective. I want to find myself, Aurora."

Tears perked in her eyes. "Be angry with me, don't talk to me but accept my apology, Susie."

Susan closed her eyes. Her God Mother's face flashed in her eyes and her last words rang in her mind. Take care of Aurora like an Elder Sister, Susan. I am entrusting my daughter to you, Susie.

"Because I promised Aunt Savi to take care of you. Because of her I am accepting your apology."

Aurora touched her necklace and thanked her mother for helping her in every situation. "Thank you and Susan, I have something important to ask you."

"What is it?"

"Will you be my maid of honour?" She asked in an emotional voice and heard Susan inhaling sharply. "Your hard work paid off, Susie, I am engaged to the man you approve of and we are getting married soon."

Aurora had not discussed her marriage date with Liam yet but she knew that he would want to get married to her as soon as possible, and now when she asked the question to Susan she felt it right. She was ready to tie herself with Liam in sacred wedding vows.

"Do you have a date yet, I need to clear my schedule."

Aurora laughed at that. "I will tell you the date soon, Susie. Thank you, thank you so very much and remember that I love you, Sista."

Susan smiled at her words but she was still angry over her. "I have to go, Aurora. I wish you all the happiness you want in life," saying that she ended the call before she became weak.

She came to the USA to forget about Ralph, she can't go back to Canada until she gets her emotions under control. She just prayed that Aurora won't marry till Emily came back from her honeymoon.

Aurora smiled happily. She wanted to do the happy dance, everything was going in the right direction. Her father was coming to meet her the day after tomorrow. Her friend almost forgave her and not to mention her fiancee who loves her with all his heart.

Aurora sent a message to Emily informing about her being officially engaged to Liam. She didn't find it right to disturb the lovebirds on their honeymoon.

She was lost in her dream world when a knock sounded on her door. She turned and found Kavin's secretary standing there. "Miss Kings, Kevin has been calling on your intercom for about an hour but you didn't accept his call."

Aurora's eyes widened. "Oh No! I am so sorry, is there something important?"

She raised her brows."Of course it should be something important if he has been calling me for one hour."

She nodded. "He wants to see the new designs you draw."

Aurora nodded. "Yes they are ready, I will come to his cabin."

Aurora picked her design book and ran after her.

"They are nice, Miss King. I am impressed with your designing skills."




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