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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 168

"Liam…" Aurora hugged him tightly. While Liam smiled, "Is this my lucky day or something, little one? You kept hugging me, today."

Aurora sniffed in his arms. "She left me. She went to the USA."

Liam rolled his eyes in irritation. "Maybe she needed a little time away from all this to pull herself together. It's normal, Little one. Don't think too much about it."

Aurora nodded and broke their hug. She peered into his eyes. "I can't leave her alone, Liam. I know she is hurt, I hurted her badly. She did wrong but what I did was not right either. How could I be so selfish, how did I not see it before? When I was coming back, memories of every moment we spent together flashed in front of my eyes and I felt guilty over my actions. She had no one except for me, Liam. I was her only family. I have to meet her, apologies to her…."

Aurora was speaking everything so fast that Liam had to stop her from talking. "Calm down, Little one. If you want to meet her, we will go to the USA together. But first, I have something to show you, come with me."

Aurora shook her head. She was not in the mood for anything other than sleep tonight. "No, please, Liam, I just want to have a quiet night tonight. Let's just go to bed."

Liam gritted his jaw. He had waited enough for the day, he didn't have any patience to dance on her fingers anymore. He forced himself to put a smile on his face and touched her cheek softly.

"We will go to bed little one, but not before I see the spark in your eyes back. I can't allow my wife to sleep with a sad face.

Aurora didn't want to hurt his feelings, so she did what he asked him to do.

" Do you trust me, Aurora?" He asked.

She smiled. "More than anything in this world. I trust you more than myself, Liam."

Her words made him inhale sharply. Once again his heart picked up speed and he felt an uneasiness in his body but Liam ignored it and put on a blindfold on her eyes.

" What are you doing Liam?"

"Wait for my surprise, Little one," he said while picking her in his arms. She gasped, the blindfold on her eyes making every moment jittery for her.

He took her to the terrace. Aurora gasped when a cold breeze touched her naked flesh of shoulders as she had removed her coat. "Liam…"

He put her on the floor and turned her around, hugged her from behind, went near her ear and whispered softly. "Aurora Kings, when my father showed me your pictures for the first time, I was awestruck and the feeling remained the same since then. When you said yes to me today, you made me the happiest man in the world, Little one."

Aurora had everything money could buy her, but today, What Liam was giving her with his words was the most expensive gift anyone had ever given to her. He smiled when he removed the blindfold from her eyes.

She opened her eyes softly and blinked thrice to clear her vision. "Look at the sky, Little one."

Aurora did and her eyes broadened when the sky was lit with firecrackers. There was a huge Marry me, written in the sky, Aurora gasped seeing the golden words written in the sky. She put her hands to her mouth in awe.

"Liam…" she turned around but he was not standing beside her.

She frowned but cried in happiness when heard his voice. "Say yes to me and put me out of this misery, Little one. Marry me."

Aurora couldn't stop her tears anymore. She was smiling and crying at the same time. She sat down on her knees and nodded. "Yes, Yes, Yes I'll marry you. I will marry you whenever you want, Liam."

Liam pulled her in his arms and kissed her shoulder. Aurora hugged him tightly, not wanting any difference between them. "Thank you, Little one. Thank you so much."

She sobbed in happiness. "You have no idea what you have given me tonight."

He said, creating a little distance between them he held her hand. "May I?" He asked before putting the ring on her engagement finger.

Aurora nodded. "Yes," she sniffed and smiled when he put his ring on her hand. "Now, you are officially mine."

She kissed him with all the love she felt for him, Liam allowed her to dominate his mouth tonight. When she broke the kiss, Aurora held his face in her hands. "And you are officially mine, Mr Knight."

His brows pulled together in a teasing manner. "Possessive, Mrs Knight?"

She grabbed his tie and pulled him closer, "very possessive, Mr Knight."

He chuckled and once again pulled her in his arms as they both watched the beautiful star-filled sky together.

Aurora touched her necklace.

I have finally found the man of my dreams, Mom. I am finally happy. I wish I could share this with you. I wish I could hug you tonight but I can share the happy news with Dad, Mom. You are not here but he is. He will be so happy to see me engaged, this time to the right man.

"Shall we go to bed for the quiet night you wanted to have, Little one?"

Aurora chuckled. "I don't want to have a quiet night anymore."

He turned his head to her side and raised his brows, "Are you suggesting something naughty, Mrs Knight?"

"Yes, Mrs Knight."

He needed not be told twice, he once again picked her in his arms but this time to take her to bed. Once in the room, he joined his lips to hers and

he sated his lustful desires with her body. Aurora melted in his arms like butter melted when it came near the fire.

Every time She joined her body to Liam was a new experience for her but this time it was far more meaningful than the previous times, might be because this time she was officially his and he, hers.



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