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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 170

"I am happy for you, Liam. You got her, Aurora Kings."

Liam chuckled and took a sip of whiskey from his glass. "The spoiled brat is finally in my hold. You have no idea what I did to make her mine, Ralph."

He circled the mahogany desk and rested a hand on his chair. "The girl had became a nuisance, in my life and not to mention that sick bastard Ethan. Everytime I met him, I wanted nothing than kill him. If it had not been about business and dad I would have showed him the consequences of messing with Liam Knight."

Ralph shook his head. "When that bastard denied my marriage proposal and warned me to stay away from his brat I wanted to ruin him but topped because of dad only but you know what?" He chuckled again and out the glass on the table with a thud and the sound made Aurora stiffened under the table.

"This is much better than I thought. When that brat did sweet talk with me, when she kiss me and not to mention when I fuck her, it felt as if I am eating a forbidden fruit. It taste sweeter than I thought. The girl has fallen in love with me, Ralph. Bloody fool!'

Ralph looker away, he was happy for his brother but he was not happy hearing his thoughts about a girl who genuinely fallen for him or he should say an illusion of Liam who didn't exist in reality.

Even though Ethan was equally responsible for this but still, the only person who was going to hurt in this charade was Aurora, an innocent girl who was stuck in the power play.

"She loves you, Liam, what if she comes to know about this lie?"

Liam raised his brows, his eyes flashed in an unknown emotion. "She couldn't find out till our marriage which I planned to have next week by the most. I have wasted enough time on charming this brat that now I am fed up with all these sweet talks."

He took a step forward and rested his hand on Ralph's shoulder. "I couldn't even recognize myself anymore. I behaved like a love sick fool with her. It's so irritating hearing her none stop chatter. Only I know how I suffered her company."

Ralph jerked Liam's hand from.his shoulder. "She will be hurt, Liam. The girl be in pain…"

"So what? Let her be in pain for all I care, Ralph. I have sacrificed my precious time on that dumb fool, Do you have any idea what it takes me to suffer her, she didn't have anything which intrest me except for a hot body and that's the only thing I want from her. I will make the fool marry me next week and then, her bastard of a father will give me what I want, his unlimited support in commission meeting and then I will show her my real face. She will suffer the consequences of every single thing she said to me, every single insult she threw at me."

"Liam, that was not in our plan. You wouldn't hurt her, she will break down when she see your real face, she loves you."

He gave his brother a disgusted look. "What love? She loved that restaurant owner too," he laughed jovially thinking about the poor man.

"I have to thank her so called friend for that, she helped me a lot in this, 'woo Aurora mission' if she had not blocked that son of bitch's number on her phone I would have to handle him too. Unknowningly, She saved me the hard work of moving him out of the picture. Everything went as per my plan, now the only thing left is marrying that brat and producing an heir for my business."

Ralph squeezed his eyes shut in anger. "Don't bring children in our fucked up world, Liam. Here money is more important than life!"

Liam gritted his jaw and squeezed his brother's shoulder. "You are Liam Knight's brother, a man who is known for his brutality and you are talking like a fucking child, Ralph. Move on! That woman is mine to break now, everyone suffer for their mistakes Liam, this is the rule of our life and she will suffer too but she will suffer the way I want her to suffer. She will beg me but I won't go easy on her. Her tears are the only thing after her body which I craved from her, not her so called love!"

Ralph stared at his brother for a moment, nodded and left. He didn't want to look weak. They live in a dark world and here, emotions are liability and Ralph couldn't show them that's why he try to control every aspect of his life.

Liam watched his brother's retreating figure, he settled on his chair and closed his eyes. This peace was what he wanted in life, he was bathing in his triumph at this moment but then a ringtone broke the peace, Liam jerked into his seat.

His mind froze for a moment, hearing that ringtone, he opened his eyes and looked around himself, there was no one but the sound was coming from a very near area.

His heart picked up the speed, because he had closed his eyes for only a few seconds after Ralph left. He didn't even want to think about the possibility of her being here, he had too much to loose!

The ringtone kept ringing, Liam ducked his head to check under the table, his body stiffened when his eyes fixed on none other than his fiance.

Liam forgot to breath or blink, his eyes were fixed on her tear strained face.

Fuck! He cursed in his mind. She had heard everything he said.

"Aurora!" He said when the shock settled and he found his tongue back.

Aurora listened to everything he said, her mind, body, soul everything turned cold hearing his words. She was nothing but a lifeless corpse now. She came here happily, like a fool in love. She thought of him not less than a God and he was only using her for his business.

She was right, when she thought herself as a mission. A mission to gain her father's business. He was the vulture. Gabriel only tried to broke her confidence but Liam, he broke her soul.

The scars he gave to her today we're not visible but they were deep enough to kill her. Everything was a lie, his love, his care, his words every single thing he did or said to her was a lie.


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