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His Purchased Wife novel Chapter 167

Aurora hugged Emily tightly. "I will miss you, a lot, Em!"

Emily kissed her friend. "I will miss you both too but I will be back in a month and then we are going to open our own brand. We won't let our dream die just because I am now married to The Belle's owner."

Aurora laughed. "So you want to give competition to your own husband, couple goals, Em!" She whistled, making Emily burst out laughing.

"You want to know something?" She asked Emily, who raised her brows in question, "what?"

"I threw a challenge at Liam that if I like the way he proposed to me I would say yes to him."

Emily's eyes widened. "It means you are ready to marry him."

Aurora nodded happily, her eyes went to Susan who looked away from them when their eyes met.

While Aurora was chatting with Emily Susan was silently watching the two of them glowing in happiness. She was happy for them, genuinely happy but it hurted her when she thought about herself.

Emily noticed her silence, Aurora did too but her pride didn't allow her to ask if she was fine or not or what she looks like. She was Susan, she was supposed to be strong.

"Can you tell her…" Aurora whispered in her ear. Emily shook her head, "Aurora now you are stretching it too far. Don't do this to her."

Aurora looked down and fidgeted her fingers. She was not ready to give up on her pride, not yet at least. Emily sighed and walked to Susan. She forced a smile on her face.

"Aurora is ready to marry Liam," Emily told her the money she stopped near her. Susan nodded, "good for her."

Emily frowned. She didn't expect this kind of reaction from her. "Are you alright? I know there is something you are hiding from me."

Susan shrugged her shoulders. "I am alone, you are married and moved in with him, Aurora is living with her dream man and ready to marry. Who do I have, Emily? No one, I don't have anyone. I guess I need to go out and look for new friends, you see Emily, till now, I had no one except for Aurora and you. My life's only aim was to take care of Aurora. I made it my mission and I forgot myself in doing so. I made myself so dependent on Aurora that everything else comes secondary to her and now, I got to know how stupid I was in doing so. Look at her, she is happy and enjoying her life while I am left alone."

Emily held her hand. She was ashamed of herself. She was so lost in her marriage bliss that she didn't notice how Susan must be feeling. "Susan, let me tell Aurora the truth that I also helped you."

Susan shook her head, her protective mother mode on again. "No, you won't tell her anything about it, Emily. At least she tells you everything. Promise me you won't tell her anything."

Emily closed her eyes. "She asked me to talk to you, she is worried about you too, Susan. She asked me to take care of you."

Susan was hurt. "Is her pride more important than our friendship? You know what's more painful, Emily?"

Emily kept staring at her, Susan chuckled sarcastically, "I did everything for her happiness, look at her, she is happy with Liam now. Have you ever seen her like this when she was with Gabriel?"

Emily shook her head. "No."

"Where was I wrong? Tell me Em?" She couldn't speak anymore and looked down. She didn't want Emily to see her tears.

Susan took a deep breath to control her emotions. "Leave me, Emily, you are leaving for your honeymoon. I want you to be happy. Enjoy your time with your husband."

Susan patted her hand one last time, glanced at Aurora who was looking at them with longing. She wouldn't go to her, not this time. If Aurora had her pride, so did Susan. She had done enough for her, now she would live her life, without worrying about Aurora.

She had fulfilled her promise to her godmother. Aurora was with someone who loved and respected her. Now she was free of that burden too, "I am going to the USA for some time. The Belle offered me a place in their USA branch. I accepted it, I am leaving in two hours."

"When did that happen? Why didn't you tell me? Let me tell Aurora, she will talk to you…"

"No! Don't do that, please. I am not a beggar, Em! I don't want her to talk to me out of pity. If she has the pride I too have it."

"You both will regret hurting each other like this. I am telling you, Susan," Emily whispered painfully.

She smiled and cleared her throat. "I never thought I would be saying this to you, but I love you, Em! Thank you for coming into my life. Enjoy your time with the hot billionaire."

Emily chuckled recalling the silly things she did on the cruise to get Alexandrio's attention. "I will. Thank you, Susie, for protecting me. But hey, I am not leaving you just yet, once I am back we will work on our brand. so you and Aurora only have a month to clear all the air between you two because I want everything normal between you both once I come back."

Susan hugged her. "Goodbye, friend."

Emily watched Susan leave. She slumped her shoulders and turned to Aurora who was waiting for Emily impatiently. "Is she alright?" She demanded.

Emily shrugged. "She is fine. But I am mad at you both. Listen to me well, Aurora. You have thirty days, break this ice with Susan because the day I return from my honeymoon I want everything just like before," she said strictly.

Aurora sighed and nodded. "I will try."

Emily kissed her head and hugged her.


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