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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 1


She was only wearing a thin hospital gown, and although the sun was warm, it was still a bit cold

She found a secluded spot to stand, looking at the tree in front of her, which already had buds

She crossed her arms, seeming weak, but emanating a stubborn indifference 

She had a very beautiful face, her exquisite features rarely showing much emotion,

ut this didn’t affect her charm, her delicate skin lonely, and also uniquely attractive

She took a deep breath. Her mood just slightly became better when someone stood in front of her

Keira held a steaming thermos cup, her long, curly hair draped over her shoulders. She had bright eyes and white teeth. There was a man’s uniform jacket draped over her body 

Looking at Chloe’s indifferent and beautiful face, her proud temperament made Keira very jealous

But seeing her weak body, Keira suddenly laughed. She pulled her jacket closer as if to show off

Chloe looked at her coldly. You really are everywhere, aren’t you?” 

Keira walked slowly towards Chloe, looking at her pale face and weak figure, her smile grew more radiant


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