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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 2


Pain was etched deep in Chloe’s eyes 

She couldn’t swim and had been underwater longer than Keira Since she just woke up no matter how pissed she was, she couldn’t muster the strength to vent it You truly despicable” 

Keira chuckled

But without me doing this, you’d never get what it means to sacrifice for others, right? You’re the one who wouldn’t leave Lance Olson alone! Keira said 

Kelta, everyone knows Lance is my fiance! You think everyone is a fool Chloe asked 

Keira laughed, swaying with laughter

Even now dont you think everyone is indeed playing the fool?” 

Chloe was speechless, just giving her a cold stare 

Keira was right, everyone was indeed acting like a bunch of fools

They kept believing her unquestioningly despite her dirty tricks 

So stupid, damn stupidi 

Including Chloe herself 

What? Still not convinced? Then 

Suddenly, Keira’s face changed. She looked helplessly at Chloe and reached out to grab Chloe’s arm 

Chloe, it’s all my fault 

Don’t touch me” 

Sensing her approach and sudden change of expression, Chloe felt utterly disgusted 

She swiftly raised her hand to block Keira’s touch 

But Keira stumbled, dropping her thermos. It hit the ground with a thud 

Water splashed everywhere

Her voice rose

Ah! It hurts” 

Chloe, what are you doing

A stern voice suddenly came from behind

Chloe whirled around. A figure at the door was racing towards them 

She only caught a glimpse of Lance’s ruthless eyes before he showed her aside 

Chloe, already weak, was pushed against the railing, and pain shot through her waist 

Her face turned even paler She gripped the railing behind her tightly to steady herself 

She watched the scene before her, feeling incredibly stupid 

She knew Keira would use all means necessary, yet she kept falling for her tricks

She also knew Lance was no fool, but he 

Lance, it hurts so much” 

Keira said 

Lance stood up at her words, looking even more heartbroken

Hang in there. Til take you to a doctor” 

He said, bending down to pick up Keira. He glanced at Chloe, who was watching coldly from the side, and said sternly

You go back to your room first. I’ll come to see you later!” 

Chloe scoffed, her eyes full of sarcasm 

After Lance had left with Keira, Chloe let out a cold laugh

Under a nearby tree, an old lady in a wheelchair watched the scene quietly 

Hannah, did you see what just happened?” 

The old lady spoke, her eyes sharp as she stared at Chloe in the distance 

The lady next to her, seemed in her fifties, respectfully asked, Have you seen it clearly, madam?” 

Hmph, that girl, using such stupid and despicable tricksThe old lady scoffed, speaking angrily 

But doesnt this just prove the other gil is even more foolish? Can’t even handle such simple and crude tricks? The other lady said


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