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The Enticing CEO’s Chosen Bride novel Chapter 3


The two turned around and saw a man in a pricey black suit, tall and slender, strutting towards them

His eyebrows were long and lifted, and thin lips made him seem a bit sharp. A faint smile was visible in his eyes. His voice was deep yet aloof.- 

Ain’t Granny all riled up?He asked

The afternoon sun cast a tall and thin shadow of him. His every move was aristocratic and elegant

The old lady looked at her grandson with satisfaction, then winked at Hannah. Hannah immediately turned and walked away 

The man crouched down, took the old lady’s hand, and chuckled at her pretend angry expression

Who’s upset Granny III sort them out for youHe said

The old lady snorted, Who else but you, my heartless grandson? Go get married and have kids!” 

A touch of helplessness flashed in Damon Harper’s eyes

Granny, I just got back. How would I have time to find a woman and have kids?” 

The old lady huffed. All these years, your excuse never changes!” 

She said, disgruntled, then turned to look towards Chloe

Hannah had walked over to her. The woman looked over and she waved at her 

Chloe was a bit confused but followed Hannah anyway 

Damon stood up and watched as Hannah brought a tall woman over from a distance 

The woman was pale but still beautiful, wearing a loose hospital gown. The way her clothes fluttered as she walked showed how thin she was

Damon squinted, his eyes fixed on the woman’s face getting closer 

But when Chloe got close and her wary and suspicious gaze swept over him, he slowly looked away

He was a bit surprised. It was the first time a woman looked at him so openly

In fact, her gaze only swept over him before moving on to Granny

That indifferent look surprised him and left him a bit disappointed

He paused, then managed a slight smile

Madam, did you want to see me for something?” 

Chloe asked, bending slightly, her voice weak and gentle after her illness

When talking to a person in a wheelchair for a long time, you shouldn’t make them look up. It was bad for the neck

So Chloe was halfsquatting while talking to the old lady. For such a frail woman, it was a tiring position 

The amusement in the old lady’s eyes deepened. She looked at Chloe’s face intently for a while, nodding repeatedly


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